Unexpected Business 3

“Unexpected Business 3” presents the latest episode on Thursday (14/12). In the latest episode of the tvN program, Jo In Sung realized that he had accidentally invited his 3 “wives” to help work at the Asian shop.

The 3 “wives” in question are actresses who were married to In Sung in an acting project. They are Park Kyung Rim from the drama “New Nonstop”, Kim Ah Joong from the film “The King” and Han Hyo Joo in the drama “Moving”.

The trailer for the latest episode of “Unexpected Business 3” shows Kyung Rim chatting with In Sung regarding the actor’s three “wives”. “Hey, when you filmed ‘The King’ with Ah Joong, she played your wife, right?” Kyung Rim asked. “Yes,” answered In Sung.

“Wait. Then, only your wives come here? First, you marry me,” continued Kyung Rim. “You’re right,” said In Sung. “Then, you married Ah Joong. Didn’t you marry Hyo Joo this time? Are you that type of guy?” Kyung Rim asked.

Unexpected Business 3

“Yes, that’s how it is,” answered In Sung. “Remember that I am your first ‘wife’. If you think about this, all your ‘wives’ come here,” said Kyung Rim. In Sung answered that he was completely unaware and did it accidentally.

“You’re right. I didn’t realize it at all,” said In Sung. Kyung Rim also joked that she would show Ah Joong who had boss status among In Sung’s three “wives”. “I have to go and show her who’s boss,” Kyung Rim joked.

On the other hand, Hyo Joo became a guest star on “Unexpected Business 3” from the first day their Asian store opened. After several days of working there, Kyung Rim came to help them take care of the increasingly busy customers.

Not long after Kyung Rim arrived, Hyo Joo said goodbye to leaving the program. After the actress left, Ah Joong came to help take care of the Asian shop. For those who are curious about this program, don’t miss watching it.

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