Jo In Sung in Unexpected Business 3

“Unexpected Business 3” aired its first episode on Thursday (26/10). In the first episode, Jo In Sung unexpectedly acted cute revealing that he was embarrassed to be noticed by Han Hyo Joo and friends.

The first episode footage shows In Sung and Cha Tae Hyun looking quite shocked to see that the Asian shop they will manage for the next 10 days is actually quite old school. Not long after, Yoon Kyung Ho, Hyo Joo and Lim Ju Hwan arrived.

They looked at the condition of the Asian shop and decided to shop at another supermarket for goods that were not there. “It’s been recorded, right?” In Sung asked. “Note what?” asked Hyo Joo and Ju Hwan at the same time. “The meat,” answered In Sung.

Hyo Joo walked over to look at In Sung and said, “There’s nothing to note, oppa.” The funny thing is that In Sung feels embarrassed to be noticed by Hyo Joo and friends. “Don’t focus on me. I’m very embarrassed. I want to hide,” said In Sung.

Tae Hyun laughed while Hyo Joo questioned him. “Why oppa?” Hyo Joo asked. “Don’t be interested in me. Stop it,” asked In Sung. Tae Hyun then asked, “Have you noted down what we need to buy?”

“No,” answered Hyo Joo. In Sung then interjected, “That’s what I meant.” Tae Hyun laughed again and asked, “Didn’t you hear that? What is needed?” They ended up going shopping without taking notes.

On the other hand, “Unexpected Business 3” shows In Sung and Tae Hyun becoming temporary owners of an Asian shop in America. However, in the process they invited a series of guest stars to help handle the situation.

The reason is that they not only serve buyers of goods in Asian shops, but also make gimbabs, restaurants, side dishes and much more. They will also spend time joking with customers.

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