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There are many interesting stories behind the casting of Jo In Sung to star in “Moving”. When invited to be a guest star on the MMTG YouTube channel, scriptwriter Kang Full said that he deliberately created a special dialogue for In Sung.

The dialogue in question is when Lee Mi Hyun (Han Hyo Joo) first saw Kim Do Sik’s (In Sung) file and said, “He is very handsome”. According to scriptwriter Kang Full, this dialogue did not exist in the webtoon version.

Jo In Sung in Moving (doc : disneypluskr)

However, he added it after confirming that In Sung was playing Do Sik. “In the original webtoon, there weren’t any of these dialogues. After Jo In Sung was chosen, I wrote the dialogue. I wrote it while thinking, ‘With Jo In Sung, it’s possible’,” Kang Full confided.

Scriptwriter Kang Full and MC JaeJae then discussed the process of filming Mi Hyun and Do Sik’s kiss scene which was carried out at Christmas and New Year. “Because they are both single, I think he (the director) did it on purpose,” said Kang Full.


“The atmosphere among the staff was very good. At Christmas we did secret Santa. It lasted for a month,” added the scriptwriter. Unfortunately, because Kang Full is not on the shooting location every day, he was not included.

“I don’t go to the shooting location every day. This is my first time participating in a drama. I think I’ve done a lot of things I shouldn’t do too,” answered writer Kang Full.

The scriptwriter also discussed In Sung’s enthusiasm when he was first cast to star in “Moving”. “He read my original webtoon in a day or two. On the first day, we talked a lot and he said he would take the role immediately,” he confided.

In Sung even proposed various flying poses in “Moving”. “He said, ‘What if I fly like this? What if I fly like I’m swimming.’ “Maybe it’s better to fly as if we were walking. We talked about that,” concluded the scriptwriter.

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