Vigilante drama provides suspense to the audience throughout the episode. The story follows the story of the character Kim Ji Yong (Nam Joo Hyuk), a student at the police academy. However, Kim Ji Yong has another very cruel side and is nicknamed Vigilante.

His actions shocked society. The police are aggressively searching for the Vigilante under the leadership of Jo Heon (Yoo Ji Tae). In the fourth episode, Jo Heon began to show his suspicions about Kim Ji Yong. However, does Jo Heon really know Kim Ji Yong’s identity as the real figure of Vigilante?

1. Jo Heon becomes the leader of the Vigilante investigation team


The pursuit of Kim Ji Yong did not go smoothly. Detective Eun (Kim Hak Sun) found no evidence of Kim Ji Yong’s actions against Jeong Deok Heung (Woo Jung Kook). Even when Kim Ji Yong himself provoked the police by writing on the wall with the blood of the perpetrator of the sexual harassment.

For this reason, the investigation was handed over to the regional investigation team led by Jo Heon. He is nicknamed the monster detective not only because of his appearance, but also the way he works in catching the perpetrator. Jo Heon is very determined to catch Vigilante.

2. Jo Heon briefly met Kim Ji Yong after his action


Kim Ji Yong did not stop carrying out his cruel actions against the law. One of the criminals he is targeting is Jang Soon Do (Kim Dae Gon). He deliberately injured a grandmother who was close to Kim Ji Yong. Instead of being arrested, he was hospitalized under guard.

Kim Ji Yong then visited Jang Soon Do in the hospital to give him a warning. Jo Heon, who was around Jang Soon Do’s room at that time, ran into Kim Ji Yong who had just come out and was disguised in a doctor’s robe. Jo Heon noticed his suspicious behavior.

3. Jo Heon suspects that Vigilante is someone in the police force


The police missed it again. They couldn’t get any clues about the Vigilante even though the figure called the dark hero was around them. The police also realized that Vigilante was adept at exploiting loopholes in police investigations. That is why Vigilante is not easy to catch.

Professor from the police academy, Lee Jun Yeob (Kwon Hae Hyo), suspects that Vigilante could be someone who knows the direction of the police investigation. After exploring further Jo Heon also thought so. Even though he hoped it wasn’t true, Jo Heon still had big suspicions that Vigilante was an insider in the police.

4. Kim Ji Yong’s appearance makes Jo Heon suspicious


Jo Heon failed to find Kim Ji Yong after the incident in Jang Soon Do’s room. His own failure was supported by the existence of the Vigilante impersonator, Jo Gang Ok (Lee Joon Hyuk) at that time. He killed Jang Soon Do and distracted the police who were chasing Kim Ji Yong.

Jo Heon then goes to the police academy to meet Professor Lee Jun Yeop. He again crossed paths with Kim Ji Yong. A body that is tall and almost the same as Jo Heon is quite rare. This is what makes Jo Heon have great suspicions about Kim Ji Yong.

5. Jo Heon has the intention to drive opinions about Vigilante


From the episodes that have aired, it is true that Jo Heon has suspicions about Kim Ji Yong. However, he could not prove this suspicion. He was only guessing and didn’t know that Kim Ji Yong was the target he was pursuing. Jo Heon approached Kim Ji Yong to just see his reaction and provoke the Vigilante figure.

Jo Heon also hopes that Kim Ji Yong, who is young, handsome and has a good reputation, will not be caught as a Vigilante. Because, this will make people worship him even more as a hero.

From his statement, Jo Heon wanted to choose the worst from the list of Vigilante candidates. That person will then be blamed for all the Vigilante’s actions and show the public that the Vigilante they now worship is just a loser.

Even though he only appeared in the second week, Jo Heon’s figure quickly stole attention. This monster detective is the strongest opponent who threatens Kim Ji Yong. Will Jo Heon ignore his suspicions about Kim Ji Yong and look for a scapegoat to introduce as Vigilante? Stay tuned for the sequel

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