Jo Bo Ah in Destined With You

Jo Bo Ah‘s acting as a civil servant named Lee Hong Jo in the drama “Destined With You” was praised by Korean journalists. Bo Ah is considered to display good acting in various genres, from romcom, thriller, to sageuk through this drama.

Journalist Newsen wrote that Bo Ah has shown the essence of a romcom and displayed Lee Hong Jo’s charm since the beginning of the drama. Bo Ah’s charm shines even more after confirming her feelings for Rowoon who plays the character Jang Shin Yu.

“She (Bo Ah) not only shows off her cute charm but also shows boundless affection at the right time, causing a response that stimulates the audience’s love cells,” wrote journalist Newsen.

Even though her love story with Rowoon in “Destined With You” made the audience flutter, the drama turned into a thriller genre every time Bo Ah met Ahn Sang Woo who played the character Na Jung Beom. Bo Ah’s usually affectionate gaze turns cold when she sees Sang Woo.

“He also digested the thriller genre perfectly, showing the crisis that Hong Jo experienced with his whole body through dialogue and shaking eyes,” continued the journalist.

Not only romcoms and thrillers, Bo Ah is also considered to have shown good acting in the sageuk genre, aka history, through “Destined With You”. This can be seen in the Joseon era scene which tells of Hong Jo’s past life as a woman named Aeng Cho. At the end of episode 12, the audience was shocked because Aeng Cho was stabbed by Jang Mu Jin (Rowoon).

“Her eyes were teary and expressed complex emotions such as hatred and regret towards Mu Jin. She made viewers’ hearts tickle by acting through her eyes,” continued the journalist.

Therefore, viewers have high expectations for Bo Ah’s acting in the remaining episodes of “Destined With You”. Episode 13 aired on Wednesday (4/10) evening, so there are only 3 final episodes left.

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