Jisoo and Robert Pattinson

Jisoo BLACKPINK and Robert Pattinson were like a royal couple when they took a photo shoot together. They met again because they attended the Dior Beauty event some time ago. At first, Jisoo and Robert came to the Dior show at Paris Fashion Week 2023.

The photo of Jisoo and Robert finally spread on social media on Saturday, October 7. This portrait has been eagerly awaited since the moment they were caught on camera a few days ago.

In this photo, the visual combination of Jisoo and Robert is certainly shocking. Many were shocked because they could see Jisoo’s beautiful face and Robert’s handsome face in the same frame.

Jisoo and Robert Pattinson

These two Dior brand ambassadors together give off an expensive aura in their photos. Simple-looking outfits can’t hide their classy vibes.

Jisoo was elegant in a gold long dress with a floral motif. A beige mini bag makes her appearance more perfect. Meanwhile, Robert is attractive in a white shirt combined with beige trousers and a pink velvet jacket.

Previously, Jisoo and Robert caused a stir because they were seen talking when they met at the Dior Beauty event. The handsome actor smiled brightly when chatting with the singer of “Flower”.

Jisoo and Robert Pattinson

Since then, fans have increasingly hoped that photos of Jisoo and Robert’s closeness will surface. The two celebrities are expected to become friends after their meeting.

Meanwhile, Jisoo’s strength at Paris Fashion Week 2023 further proves that she is not just a K-Pop idol but a global artist. This idol, born in 1995, was even greeted directly by the wife of the President of France.

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