Jisoo Blackpink and Dilireba Dilmurat

Jisoo BLACKPINK and actress Dilraba Dilmurat (Dilireba) have been invited by DIOR to attend Paris Fashion Week 2023. However, recently, differences in titles for Jisoo and Dilireba from the fashion house have sparked misunderstandings, making old rumors even hotter.

Before Jisoo and Dilireba arrived at the DIOR Spring/Summer fashion show on September 26, they both received a special invitation. In contrast to the invitation to Jisoo, DIOR wrote “Madame Dilraba Dilmurat” or Madam which made rumors that Dilireba had been married and was pregnant.

In connection with their presence, the Chinese site Upmedia highlighted how Dilireba and Jisoo were called by different titles by DIOR. As an explanation, the “mademoiselle” that DIOR uses for Jisoo is a French term for a single woman. Meanwhile “madame” which is paired with Dilireba is a French greeting for a married woman.

As a result of this difference in greetings, Chinese netizens suspected that Dilireba was a married woman. However, some of them believe that the call for Dilireba could be DIOR’s mistake. With the situation escalating including rumors of her pregnancy, Dilireba is yet to comment on the speculation.

Prior to this, it was rumored that Dilireba was pregnant with Huang Jingyu. Rumors about Dilireba have been spreading since early 2013. These allegations were triggered by the spread of rumors that a famous female star in her 30s would give birth this year.

The reason Dilireba is under suspicion is because for the last seven months the actress has had no new film projects and has often been absent from important events. Dilireba’s situation is quite a contrast to the busyness of previous years.

It was increasingly widely rumored that Dilireba was pregnant as soon as she appeared in loose clothes. Apart from that, Dilireba is also expected to give birth secretly abroad and the father of her child is actor Huang Jingyu who also starred in “Happiness Within Reach”.

In response, Dilireba indirectly denied the pregnancy rumors by showing a series of photos of her slim stomach. Finally in March, Dilireba denied the rumors in an interview with L’Officiel magazine.

“At first, when I saw the rumors, I was very angry and wondered why it could be like that. But gradually, I found it funny. Even though I explain it every day on live streaming, those who don’t believe it still have reasons not to believe it,” said Dilireba.

On the other hand, this is not the first time DIOR has shown differences in treatment of Dilireba and Jisoo. In January 2023, Dilireba received unprecedented treatment by being featured on the cover of DIOR media. Before Dilireba, DIOR had never used photos of Asian celebrities for social media.

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