Jimin BTS and Song Da Eun Heart Signal

Based on rumors circulating in South Korean online forums, recently, Jimin BTS was rumored to be dating a former Heart Signal 2 contestant. This woman is Song Da Eun.

The growing rumors made Song Da Eun finally release a clarifying statement on Friday (20/10/2023) via Instagram Story. What was Song Da Eun’s statement like and how did this rumor come about?

Check out the chronology of Jimin BTS and Song Da Eun’s dating rumors below!

1. Rumors of dating Jimin BTS and Song Da Eun started from similarities in photos and items

Jimin BTS and Song Da Eun Heart Signal

Reported by Koreaboo, it was rumored that Jimin and Song Da Eun were dating because they were both thought to have a number of the same items at home, such as carpets. Netizens also think that Song Da Eun has uploaded photos that are similar to Jimin’s.

Furthermore, a number of people accused Song Da Eun of deliberately sparking dating rumors with Jimin. The reason is, she is considered to have uploaded a similar photo at a similar time.

There was also a moment where Jimin left a comment on Weverse to recommend the film Allied to fans. After that, Song Da Eun made an Instagram Story in which she recommended the same film.

2. Song Da Eun made a clarification on Instagram Story

Jimin BTS and Song Da Eun Heart Signal

On Friday (20/10/2023), Song Da Eun finally spoke about the dating rumors via Instagram Story. The following is a translation of her statement:

“Please ask other people about things that have nothing to do with me. I’m not crazy. I know fandom is scary. Stop scaring me by doing things that could get you sued. Now and before, I have collected evidence from Instagram, YouTube, and others,” said Song Da Eun.

She continued, “There were some people who asked me about the photos I uploaded before. I think even if I uploaded a photo today, they would claim I uploaded it at a different time. Because they don’t know how I spend my day, I ignore comments like that.”

3. HYBE Labels has not released a response to Jimin’s dating rumors

Jimin BTS and Song Da Eun Heart Signal

This is actually not the first time that Song Da Eun has been rumored to be dating Jimin. Previously, rumors had emerged saying that the actress’s photo was taken at Jimin’s house. Song Da Eun has also denied these rumors several times. Meanwhile, Jimin’s agency, HYBE Labels, has not yet spoken about the rumors regarding this artist.

Song Da Eun became known to the public after appearing on the popular South Korean dating show, Heart Signal 2. After that, her name was also involved in the Burning Sun scandal and was rumored to be close to Seungri. At that time, Song Da Eun’s agency denied it, saying that the artist only helped the club for a month when it opened.

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