After Nayeon, Jihyo is the next TWICE member who recently officially made her solo debut. To promote her solo album ZONE, she actively appeared on various variety shows, including the music show Leemujin Service.

This Guri-born idol has shared many things with singer Lee Mujin, such as her debut, her solo releases and her time as a trainee. She had trainee experience with Wonder Girls and 2PM. Curious right? Check this out!

1. Jihyo has been a JYP trainee since 2005

portrait of Jihyo when she was a JYP Entertainment trainee (doc. Koreaboo)

Jihyo, who is currently 26 years old, revealed that she first became a JYP Entertainment trainee at the age of 8, to be precise, in 2005. But before entering her current agency, she apparently was a trainee at another company.

Her training partners at that time included members of Wonder Girls, 2PM, and Miss A. Of course, after debuting as a TWICE member and soloist, Jihyo felt grateful to have undergone training with these talented seniors.

2. Trainee experience with Wonder Girls and 2PM

portrait of Jihyo when she was a JYP Entertainment trainee (doc. Koreaboo)

With the huge age difference between young Jihyo and the older trainees, Lee Mujin was curious about what it would be like to train with her legendary sunbae.

In reply, Jihyo revealed that the older trainees during the training period really loved her. In fact, when she watched them debut before her, she became more mature about the situation at that time.

3. Jihyo’s impression of seeing her seniors debut

portrait of Jihyo when she was a JYP Entertainment trainee (doc. Koreaboo)

Instead of feeling jealous, Jihyo actually felt it was interesting to watch the debut of her seniors like the Wonder Girls. At that time, she even reminded herself that it was not yet her time to debut and that an opportunity like that would definitely come one day.

Not only that, Jihyo also recalled her training period in a funny way by telling that after older trainees who were quite close to her debuted, she often asked for their autographs to give to their parents.

Before debuting with TWICE, Jihyo had spent 10 years as a trainee under JYP Entertainment. But even so, the trainee period with the gen 2 idols provided valuable experience for her after her debut.

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