On the latest episode of the JTBC entertainment program “Express Delivery Mongolia Edition” surprisingly revealed the love story between celebrity couple Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young. In this event, Hong Kyung In said that Ji Sung, who was enlisting in the military with him at that time, was fascinated by Lee Bo Young’s beauty in the drama he watched.

Hong Kyung In himself said that apart from Ji Sung, he enlisted in the military along with Yoon Kye Sang and Park Kwang Hyun and recalled how Ji Sung was then fascinated by his wife’s beauty on screen even before they dated, where the star of the series “Adamas” was carrying out military service in 2005.

“When Ji Sung was serving in the military, Bo Young appeared in a historical drama playing the role of a princess. We watched a drama in the military and everyone praised Lee Bo Young. Even before they were dating. Everyone said ‘Lee Bo Young is so beautiful’, ‘I liked it’. We all really liked the film, like passionate fans,” said Hong Kyung In.

But who would have thought that Ji Sung would succeed in marrying Lee Bo Young after he completed his mandatory military service. “After leaving the military, he (Ji Sung) married Lee Bo Young,” exclaimed Hong Kyung In.

Meanwhile, Lee Bo Young first met Ji Sung on the set of the drama “The Last Dance” (2004). As time goes by, their feelings for each other gradually develop. In 2007, they officially announced their relationship to the public.

Six years later, Ji Sung decided to propose to Lee Bo Young when he had the opportunity to work on a project together. The two stars held their wedding ceremony in September 2013 at the Walkerhill Hotel in Seoul. After the romantic wedding, the couple began a married life filled with happiness, laughter, and mutual trust. Currently Lee Bo Young and Ji Sung have two children, a boy and a girl.

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