Welcome to Samdalri

Ji Chang Wook and Shin Hye Sun play childhood friends in the JTBC romcom drama “Welcome to Samdalri”. The production team then praised Chang Wook and Hye Sun as “masters of romance”.

Ji Chang Wook and Shin Hye Sun are true masters of romance, showing off their skills. They are sincere in creating a greater romance by working hard and endlessly discussing how to make the story of Yong Pil (Chang Wook) and Sam Dal (Hye Sun) more thrilling, funnier and more emotional,” explained the production team.

“Please look forward to the history of the couple that will be written by actors Ji Chang Wook and Shin Hye Sun, who are at the peak of their romantic comedy abilities,” he added.

Meanwhile, “Welcome to Samdalri” has just released its teaser poster. In the poster, a number of Polaroid photos show Yong Pil and Sam Dal together from birth to adulthood.

In the story, Yong Pil and Sam Dal were born on the same day and only five minutes apart. Both lived on Jeju Island and attended the same school until college.

The closeness of Yong Pil and Sam Dal is clearly visible in these Polaroid photos. In one photo, they appear to be having a picnic with their family.

Even though they were close friends, they suddenly separated for one reason. They then met again when Sam Dal returned from Seoul to Jeju.

Previously, Chang Wook had expressed his desire to star in a romantic genre drama. According to Chang Wook, “Welcome to Samdalri” is not purely romantic because it has a mix of comedy genres.

“Even though ‘Welcome to Samdalri’ can be categorized as a romantic comedy, I want to try pure romance without comedy, something that can make us reflect on what love is,” he explained.

Chang Wook admits that he is a bit shy in front of other people. Even so, the “Welcome to Samdalri” production team still considers him very skilled at showing romantic scenes.

On the other hand, “Welcome to Samdalri” will premiere on December 2. Look forward to the excitement of Yong Pil and Sam Dal!

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