The Worst of Evil

The Worst of Evil” released its 8th and 9th episodes on Wednesday (18/10). The two latest episodes immediately became a hot topic of discussion among netizens. Many suddenly defended the characters of Ji Chang Wook and Im Se Mi who were both having an affair.

The Worst of the evil

In “The Worst of Evil“, Park Jun Mo (Chang Wook) and Yu Eui Jeong (Se Mi) are a married couple who love each other. However, the police couple is forced to be far apart because they have to go undercover for a mission to catch a drug kingpin.

Jun Mo disguises himself as Jung Gi Cheul’s (Wi Ha Joon) subordinate and unexpectedly makes Lee Hae Ryeon (BIBI) interested in him. Meanwhile, Eui Jeong approaches Gi Cheol, who has still loved her since high school.

In the latest episode of “The Worst of Evil”, the couple’s affair with drug kingpins seems to have reached its breaking point. Eui Jeong and Gi Cheol kiss in the car. Meanwhile, Jun Mo and Hae Ryeon kiss hotly in the hotel room.

However, Jun Mo and Eui Jeong’s affair with drug kingpins suddenly became popular with netizens. The reason is that the couple clearly didn’t want to kiss their affair partner.

Meanwhile, “The Worst of Evil” only has 3 final episodes left. This drama will end on October 25 before being replaced by “Vigilante” starring Nam Joo Hyuk. Don’t miss watching it.

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