The Worst of Evil

Ji Chang Wook underwent an interview session with local media regarding his acting in “The Worst of Evil“. One of the things discussed was the hot kiss scene between his character, Park Jun Mo, and Lee Hae Ryeon (BIBI).

Chang Wook revealed that the process of filming the scene was not too difficult. “I think it’s not an easy scene. The atmosphere is different from the beautiful and sweet kiss scenes I’ve done before,” said Chang Wook.

Chang Wook didn’t deny that he had a lot of thoughts about that scene considering that he was more senior than BIBI. However, the actor born in 1987 felt comfortable because he was acting with BIBI.

Chang Wook also gave BIBI a compliment when they filmed the kiss. “The director did a good job in creating an atmosphere that was not awkward, and I am grateful that Hyeong Seo (BIBI’s real name) acted very well during rehearsals,” praised the actor.

Chang Wook then discussed what it was like to act with BIBI, who doesn’t have much acting experience. “It felt very new and fresh when I faced her (BIBI) and acted with her,” said the handsome actor.

Chang Wook also discussed the bromance of the characters Jun Mo and Jung Gi Cheul (Wi Ha Joon). “The director knows his directing intentions, but personally, when acting, I don’t think about things like friendship or bromance,” said Chang Wook.

“I didn’t make any effort to express friendship or bromance with him. For Jun Mo, Gi Cheul was a person who had to be arrested at all costs. I thought I had to arrest him to justify the things I shouldn’t do as a police officer,” he added.

But personally, Chang Wook actually felt sorry for Gi Cheul. “I don’t even think that he has the same past as me. For Jun Mo, Jung Gi Cheul is a target and a person who must be arrested. He is a person who must somehow be investigated to justify my character’s actions so far,” concluded Chang Wook.

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