Jeon So Min in Running Man

Actress Jeon So Min officially ended her journey on the “Running Man” program. She said goodbye to the “Running Man” staff after finishing filming the final episode on Monday (30/10).

In her post on Instagram Story on Tuesday (31/10), So Min shared a photo of herself holding a yellow cake. On top of the cake, many of the characters she played during her time as a member of “Running Man” were installed.

“I want to say goodbye slowly,” So Min wrote in her upload.

Jeon So Min in Running Man

Not only that, So Min also said goodbye to the staff who created the frog character in “Running Man”. The 1986-born actress even called them the “Frog Making Trio” while mentioning the staff’s Instagram account.

The photo of So Min saying goodbye to the “Running Man” staff was greeted sadly by fans. However, many are also grateful for the entertainment that So Min has provided so far.

On the other hand, So Min has joined as a member of “Running Man” together with Yang Se Chan since 2017. So Min always succeeds in making the audience laugh through her chemistry with the other members and her hilarious performances. She even got the nickname “the female version of Lee Kwang Soo”.

But last week, So Min’s agency announced the actress’ decision to withdraw from the program after six years. “Jeon So Min will leave SBS ‘Running Man’ after the final filming on (Monday) October 30,” said the King Kong by Starship agency statement on October 23.

So Min is said to have had discussions with fellow members and the “Running Man” crew before making this difficult decision. She finally decided to leave in order to improve her quality as an actress and television personality.

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