Jeon So Min in Running Man

The new episode of “Running Man” which will air on Sunday (12/11) tomorrow will show Jeon So Min’s last day as a permanent member. In the preview shared, So Min appears different from the other members.

This new episode will be part of the “2023 Running Tour Project”, where the members plan their own trips. So Min was the third member to plan the trip following Song Ji Hyo and Yoo Jae Seok.

The journey will begin from Jeon So Min’s point of view at her final filming on “Running Man”. This episode captures the scene from So Min’s point of view, from the time she started leaving for work until she said her last greeting.

What’s interesting, all the members except So Min appear to be wearing clothes like maids. So Min herself looks beautiful in jeans, turtleneck top and blazer.

The members complained and said, “It seems like we are the only ones who are loyal servants.”

Jeon So Min in Running Man

In this farewell episode, So Min will give a special badge to the member who made him smile during filming. Members who do not get a badge will later receive a penalty. This made the members try desperately to praise So Min.

“I will stay beside So Min,” said one member. “I think she only has a beautiful face, but she also has a beautiful heart,” said another.

Previously, the members gave different reactions to the news of So Min’s departure. Jae Seok teased So Min and pretended he had just heard the news. Meanwhile, Haha admitted that he was sad because he lost a member he could tease.

“Who am I going to tease if he goes out?” Haha said. “I already feel empty when I think about So Min leaving,” said Jae Seok. “I know. I’m sad too,” added Song Ji Hyo.

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