ENHYPEN closed their “FATE” tour in the United States with a concert in Chicago. At the end of the tour, Jay admitted that his condition actually made it impossible for him to perform due to a leg injury. When he was told to rest, the owner of the real name Park Jongseong was adamant and instead spread deadly seduction.

On Sunday (22/10) local time, ENHYPEN held their final concert on this year’s US “FATE” tour. Realizing that fans were worried about his health, Jay also revealed that what happened to his feet actually almost made the 2002-born idol absent from the tour.


“Honestly, I had major physical health problems during this tour. Some fans were aware, actually my knee was bandaged,” said Jay.

Then he continued, “All the members and people at the send-off or soundcheck always ask ‘Are you okay?’ ‘Can you handle this?’ ‘Are you okay?’ I always act like it’s okay.”

Jay then explained that he and his agency had discussed being absent from several concerts. However, Jay himself refused to miss it because he didn’t want to see fans sad.

“I don’t think that’s my job. My main job is to make my fans happy and not worry them. I just want to say, I can stand on my feet at the end of our tour this year because of you,” he concluded.


After leaving the stage, discussion about Jay’s knee was still circulating. For this reason, Jay immediately responded to fans’ input on Weverse who asked him to take a break. However, Jay once again explained his stance.

“Thank you. I know my fans will understand if I’m absent. But I hate creating a situation like that for UNDERSTANDING. I really hate the situation when I hear, ‘It’s okay, Jay‚Ķ,'” said Jay.

Even though he understands that fans understand him 100 percent, Jay feels it is better if he prioritizes his work. Especially if the work makes him happy. In this way, he apologized for insisting on continuing to appear and ended it with a deadly seduction that love conquers pain.

“Note. I know this mindset is very selfish but I can’t change it. So I hope you forgive me HAHAHA,” said Jay. “Love is always stronger than pain, that’s science.”

Jay’s response to existing concerns moved fans because of his deadly words. Based on Jay’s explanation, ENGENE also asked the idol to take care of himself.

“His words always mean something, please take care of yourself Jay,” said one netizen. “My heart was thrown into a blender,” said another netizen. “Adding this to my fav quotes,” added another.

Meanwhile, ENHYPEN has completed the Japanese “FATE” tour with performances at the Tokyo Dome on September 13 and 14. They have started a US tour with concerts in LA, Glendale, Houston, Dallas, Newark, and Chicago. BeLift Lab also hinted at adding other cities later.

After releasing “Dark Blood” last May, ENHYPEN will comeback with a new album in the near future. The album entitled “Orange Blood” will be released on November 17.

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