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Jane MOMOLAND denied dating rumors with SEVENTEEN’s Joshua.

This dating rumor itself started with an upload in an online community that claimed that Joshua had a relationship with a certain girl group member several years ago.

While the authors of the posts did not directly name the girl group member, they did drop hints at her identity, and many have speculated that the post is about MOMOLAND’s Jane.

Jane is now personally responding to the rumors via posts on her fan communication platform. She explained that this rumor first started many years ago.

“Today, as usual, I searched my name online.. I felt very uncomfortable and cautious, so I wasn’t sure what to say.. But I wanted to at least make sure to say something to my fans… . so I dare .. write this post, “Jane wrote in her upload.

“Everyone, in all my time in the entertainment industry, I’ve never personally seen anyone I’m connected with; in fact, even the people around me have never seen him (Joshua personally), and we’re not in any kind of relationship at all, ” she continued.

Jane also hopes that with this clarification there will be no more misunderstandings related to these unclear rumors.

“Because right now, I really don’t want there to be any misunderstandings, no matter what it is, I’m saying this with an annoyed heart… Thank you,” she concluded.

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