Jaehyun NCT released the single Horizon on Tuesday (8/8) in the NCT LAB project which is part of SM STATION.

Not only songs, Jaehyun NCT also released a music video (MV) for the song Horizon at the same time.

In the MV, the man with dimples spends a beautiful day cycling to a boat ride in an exotic and romantic city in Italy.

Horizon is an R&B song with a jazzy Rhodes piano and rhythmical guitar riff.

Jaehyun NCT directly participated in writing the lyrics and making this song.

Jaehyun NCT/ Photo: Doc. SM Entertainment

Horizon’s song was inspired by the scenery one sees when an airplane takes off.

While the lyrics of this song will be reminiscent of a glimpse beyond the bright horizon.

The cheerful melody combined with NCT’s Jaehyun’s distinctive voice makes this song give a pleasant sensation to listeners.

Horizon is Jaehyun NCT’s second single which was released in the NCT LAB project. Previously, Jaehyun NCT released the single Forever Only in August 2022.

NCT LAB is a project that features both solo and unit songs made by NCT members themselves.

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