Like Flowers in Sand

ENA and Netflix released the final episode of Like Flowers in Sand on Wednesday (31/1/2024). This drama provides a satisfying ending for the audience.

The potential presence of a season 2 is also a question. Is there possibly a Like Flowers in Sand season 2? What do you think?

1. Like Flowers in Sand offers a satisfying ending

Like Flowers in Sand

Like Flowers in Sand (2023) delivers a satisfying ending. Finally, Kim Baek Du (Jang Dong Yoon)’s struggle as Taebaek Class ssireum champion was achieved.

Apart from that, Kim Baek Du and Oh Du Sik (Lee Jo Myoung) became friends. The killer of people related to Match Arrangement was also caught, namely Lee Gyeong Mun (Ahn Chang Hwan), owner of Tteok Tavern.

2. Comes with a close ending, maybe there will be a season 2?

Like Flowers in Sand

This Korean drama presents a close ending, therefore there is not much mystery left. All questions and conflicts are resolved one by one in episode 12 which airs Wednesday (31/1/2024).

If this drama comes with season 2, it could present the story of Kim Baek Du in the future as a ssireum athlete. Will he continue his career as an athlete or retire? However, this possibility may not necessarily occur.

3. There has been no confirmation from the production team

Like Flowers in Sand

Until this article was released, there had been no confirmation regarding season 2 from the production team. Via Instagram @channel.ena.d, viewers focused on praising the ending of this drama.

“Thank you for the good drama,” wrote @heodeokmi.

“I’m healing thanks to Like Flowers in Sand. Thank you for being with me, and presenting a moving and good drama,” commented @happydongyoon7.

“Very fun. I love seeing Baek Du and Du Sik together,” wrote @dna1246.

Instead of clamoring for season 2, viewers praised the ending of Like Flowers in Sand (2023). Let’s just wait for further news from this drama!

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