Queen of Tears

Viewers of the Korean drama Queen of Tears (2024) are currently speculating about whether Hong Geon Woo is not Hong Soo Cheol’s biological child. Especially because of Hong Beom Ja’s remarks in episode 6.

Some even speculate that Yoon Eun Sung may be Hong Geon Woo’s biological father. Check out the series of theories tweeted by viewers below!

1. In episode 6, Hong Beom Ja said Gun Woo doesn’t look like Soo Cheol

Queen of Tears

In episode 6, the Queens family is eating together. Suddenly, Hong Beom Ja (Kim Jung Nan) said that she thought Hong Geon Woo (Goo See Woo) didn’t look like Hong Soo Cheol (Kwak Dong Yeon).

According to Beom Ja, her nephew is smart and handsome, different from Hong Soo Cheol. After Hong Beom Ja said her son didn’t look like Hong Soo Cheol, Cheon Da Hye immediately glanced at Grace Go (Kim Joo Ryung).

It didn’t stop there, Hong Man Dae (Kim Kap Soo) immediately asked whether they had done a DNA test. Meanwhile, Grace Go said that if a DNA test had been carried out, the results were 99.99 percent similar.

2. It is speculated that Gun Woo, Hae In and Hyun Woo’s son, has little potential

Queen of Tears

After that, speculation arose that Hong Geon Woo might not be Hong Soo Cheol’s biological child. Some people guess that Geon Woo could be the son of Hong Hae In (Kim Ji Won) and Baek Hyun Woo (Kim Soo Hyun).

This theory emerged after Yoon Eun Sung (Park Sung Hoon) did not look surprised when he saw Hong Hae In’s ultrasound photo. Apart from that, it could be that Geon Woo’s intelligence descended from Baek Hyun Woo. However, this theory cannot be proven, because Hong Hae In actually had a miscarriage.

This fact is proven through the scene in episode 5, when Hong Hae In suddenly cleans up the room for their baby. At that time, Hong Hae In said that he didn’t deserve to cry, while Baek Hyun Woo cried alone in their future baby’s room.

3. Many believe that Geon Woo is actually the son of Cheon Da Hye and Yoon Eun Sung

Queen of Tears

The most plausible theory is that Geon Woo is actually the son of Cheon Da Hye (Lee Joo Bin) and Yoon Eun Sung. As children they lived in the same orphanage. When they grow up, they work together to destroy the Queens family. Although the reason behind their plan is not yet known to the audience.

It could be that Cheon Da Hye became pregnant with Yoon Eun Sung’s child by accident, and at the same time Hong Soo Cheol married her. Or because Cheon Da Hye never got pregnant with Hong Soo Cheol’s child, she had intimate relations with Yoon Eun Sung. Because having a son will definitely strengthen Cheon Da Hye’s position in the Queens family.

After reading some of the speculation above, have you found the answer? In your opinion, Hong Geon Woo is actually the son of Hong Soo Cheol or Yoon Eun Sung?

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