The Woirst of Evil

Im Se Mi recently underwent an interview with local media about her acting in the drama “The Worst of Evil”. One of the questions the actress was asked was which character Ji Chang Wook or Wi Ha Joon had.

In “The Worst of Evil”, Se Mi plays Yu Eui Jeong, a police officer and wife of Park Jun Mo (Chang Wook). However, due to an undercover mission, the couple hid their status. Eui Jeong allows himself to be approached by the gangster leader, Jung Gi Cheul (Ha Joon).

However, in her interview, Se Mi apparently refused to choose and instead just wanted to run away. “If both of them appeared in front of me, I would probably run away without choosing both. It’s too difficult to choose just one, and I want to ask the viewers’ opinions,” said Se Mi.

Se Mi also discussed the personality of each character according to her. “Gi Cheul may have been the greatest drug kingpin, but he is very loyal to one woman. He is the type of man who holds love like running a long marathon,” he said.

Se Mi says that’s what actually makes Gi Cheul attractive. As for the character played by Chang Wook, the actress said, “Jun Mo is pure and bright. But when handling cases, his professionalism, drive, and belief in protecting important things make him very charming.”

Se Mi also discussed her current feelings for Jun Mo and Gi Cheul. “I was also very confused. I pondered whether I was really acting just for Jun Mo, as my character (Eui Jeong) said. But then again, maybe that wasn’t the case.”

Se Mi feels that Eui Jeong actually still has unresolved emotions towards Gi Cheol, who was her lover when she was young. “Maybe there are emotions attached to Ki Cheol in my youth that I haven’t resolved,” emphasized Se Mi.

Meanwhile, “The Worst of Evil” released its last 3 episodes on Wednesday (25/10). This drama by Disney+ will be replaced by “Vigilante” starring Yoo Ji Tae and Nam Joo Hyuk. “Vigilante” will be released on November 8. do not miss

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