Lim Se Mi and Wi Ha Joon

Actress Im Se Mi talks about her kiss scene with Wi Ha Joon in the drama “The Worst of Evil“. For your information, this is the first time Ha Joon has had a kiss scene in a drama. Becoming Ha Joon’s first kiss partner on screen, Se Mi admitted it was a very memorable moment.

“It was a very memorable moment,” explained Se Mi in an interview with Korean media. “I chatted for a long time (with Ha Joon) and focused on filming well.”

Furthermore, Se Mi revealed that Ha Joon was very worried about his first kiss scene. “Ha Joon was so worried and worried that he couldn’t sleep,” revealed Se Mi.

Lim Se Mi and Wi Ha Joon

Furthermore, Se Mi revealed that she and Ha Joon tried hard not to show that they were actually nervous. “I remember that Gi Cheul (Ha Joon) and Eui Jeong (Se Mi) also shed tears. I think (Ha Joon) said, ‘I didn’t want to cry, but I cried’,” he said.

To get the perfect scene, Se Mi and Ha Joon discussed the movements and tempo of the kiss in detail. The director only gave a description that the scene should be oppressive and sad.

“When doing a kiss scene, you should be excited and happy. But (this scene) is not a kiss scene like that, what feels like a sad kiss scene that makes you shrink,” he explained.

Previously, Ha Joon himself admitted that he had a lot of help from Se Mi to record his first kiss scene. However, Ha Joon apparently has regrets about his first kiss scene.

“Fortunately, the results look good. I just feel sorry because my first kiss on screen was not what you call beauty,” said Ha Joon.

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