It was confirmed that they were preparing the latest music with the full album ISTJ, NCT Dream’s comeback made NCTzens enthusiastic. While waiting for the release of their comeback, let’s get to know more about the interesting figure in the eyes of the members. On several occasions NCT Dream personnel have revealed the ideal type of person they feel comfortable with.

The ideal type itself is the image or taste that someone has for something. Curious as to what the ideal type of NCT Dream personnel is? Reported by Koreaboo, here is the information!

1. Mark’s ideal type is quite mysterious. But through an interview with Billboard News, he admitted that he was fascinated by actress Bae Suzy

2. Through a fan singing event, Renjun confessed to a fan that he was attracted to someone who is healthy, happy, and always cheerful

3. Next is Jeno who apparently appreciates someone who can ‘laugh well’ and make him comfortable when chatting


4. If Haechan admits that he prefers short hair and has a beautiful voice, are you one of those?

5. Different from the others, Jaemin actually mentions that figure directly. He explained that his ideal type is NCTzen

6. Instead of mentioning it clearly, Chenle actually gave a leak on what made him happy. This is none other than when he was treated to delicious food

7. Love for music makes Jisung’s ideal type not far from it all. The maknae admits that he likes a ‘beautiful’ heart, is good at playing the guitar, and has a good voice

It turns out that the ideal types of NCT Dream personnel are really varied. They have their own considerations in evaluating what makes them interested and comfortable. Then among the several ideal types of the personnel, which one is closest to your personality, NCTzen?

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