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Immediately making her latest comeback as a soloist under P NATION, Hwasa MAMAMOO is starting to get busy with her promotional schedule. Like one of them when she appeared on YouTube content hosted by singer Sung Si Kyung recently. Through this moment, Hwasa talked about many things with Sung Si Kyung.

One of them is about the controversy she experienced some time ago. She also shared a story about her condition at that time which received a lot of hate comments. So what happened to Hwasa when she experienced this situation? Here’s a summary of the information!

1. Hwasa remembers when she was involved in a controversy

portrait of Hwasa MAMAMOO (instagram.com/_mariahwasa)

On Monday (4/9/2023), Hwasa appeared on a YouTube show hosted by Sung Si Kyung. Apart from discussing her latest music with the digital single entitled “I Love My Body”, Hwasa again recalled the moment when she was involved in controversy. Summarized via allkpop, Hwasa said that at that time she had a world tour schedule with MAMAMOO.

She explained that she was in the United States at that time. But surprisingly, Hwasa suddenly received a lot of messages on her Kakao Talk. While thinking something had happened, Hwasa realized that her appearance on stage at a festival sparked controversy and became a trending topic at that time.

2. Getting a lot of hate comments

portrait of Hwasa MAMAMOO (instagram.com/_mariahwasa)

Flashback to Monday (12/6/2023), Hwasa was known to have performed sensual dance moves while performing at the Dancing Queens On The Road event which was held at the Sungkyunkwan University campus festival. This situation had sparked the anger of the student parents’ association which resulted in her being reported to the police. Even though the case has started to subside, Hwasa can not escape hate comments due to this situation.

Still expressing through Sung Si Kyung’s YouTube content, Hwasa honestly said that she could not stand it all. Even though she was quite unaffected by the malicious comments directed at her, this time the comments were considered too excessive. While performing in New York with MAMAMOO, Hwasa even cried thinking about it all.

3. Hwasa admitted to crying repeatedly

portrait of MAMAMOO (instagram.com/_mariahwasa)

Not only once, Hwasa revealed that she had cried repeatedly. At first she pretended to be fine when she appeared on stage, but as soon as the show was over, she broke down crying while she was behind the stage. Even while in the elevator with the other members, Hwasa couldn’t hold back her tears that kept falling. This also made the other MAMAMOO members try to encouraging her at that time.

Hwasa also recalled the time she said goodbye to her bandmate, Whee In, to get some fresh air outside the hotel. But what happened instead was her crying in the hotel parking lot. Hwasa further explained to Sung Si Kyung that he did not ignore all the criticism she had received. But sometimes Hwasa also realizes that there is too much criticism that makes her try to ignore it.

Even though criticism given to an artist is often considered part of the consequences they must accept as a public figure, they should not receive such hurtful hateful comments. After all they are ordinary people who also have feelings. So let’s be wiser in giving comments or criticism for them.

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