My Lovely Liar

The sweet chemistry between Hwang Minhyun and Kim So Hyun is one of the things most anticipated by fans of the drama “My Lovely Liar“. Recently, Minhyun and So Hyun again showed off their closeness and affection behind the scenes of “My Lovely Liar”.

In the BTS video (behind the scene) episodes 13-14 “My Lovely Liar”, Minhyun and So Hyun are seen filming in a park. After finishing taking pictures, the couple didn’t forget to take a photo together while posing intimately.

Minhyun then hugged So Hyun while laughing out loud. The actor seemed to keep hugging So Hyun with both arms until he forgot that he had to take a selfie mode photo.

The staff who took their photos also reprimanded Minhyun for holding his cell phone. “Who’s going to hold the phone?” scolded the staff.

still cut from the drama My Lovely Liar

The staff’s words made Minhyun wake up and immediately grabbed his cell phone. He and So Hyun immediately burst out laughing after realizing their behavior.

On the other hand, “My Lovely Liar” aired episode 14 on Tuesday (12/9). In the latest episode of the tvN drama, it was revealed that Jo Deuk Chan (Yun Ji On) was the one who actually killed Kim Do Ha’s (Minhyun) ex-lover.

The latest episode trailer shows Do Ha, Mok Sol Hee (So Hyun) and the police trying to chase Deuk Chan’s car. However, the former CEO of the entertainment agency was speeding even more and seemed to want to commit suicide rather than be arrested by the police.

Deuk Chan then had an accident and his car overturned. Sol Hee herself seemed to feel her ears ringing at the accident scene.

Many viewers suspect that Sol Hee will lose her power to predict lies. There are some who suspect that this power was lost because Sol Hee met Do Ha, who was her soul mate.

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