My lovely Liar

In My Lovely Liar (2023), Mok Sol Hee (Kim So Hyun) finally learns of a murder case that once involved Kim Do Ha (Minhyun). This is a big secret that is so hidden by Kim Do Ha and the people around him.

So, how did the chronology of Mok Sol Hee find out about this secret? Come on, see the following article to the end.

1. Mok Sol Hee once heard Kim Do Ha’s ramblings

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However, he instead heard a strange digression when Kim Do Ha was completely unconscious. Kim Do Ha said, if he wasn’t the killer. Mok Sol Hee also heard this as the first lie from Kim Do Ha. However, Mok Sol Hee considers this incident as a passing wind.

2. Syaon is jealous of the closeness between Kim Do Ha and Mok Sol Hee

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Ever since Kim Do Ha moved to Yeonseo-dong, he has grown closer to Mok Sol Hee. They often go out to eat together, even though Kim Do Ha is afraid of crowds. A number of positive changes have occurred to Kim Do Ha. It seems that this relationship allowed Kim Do Ha to escape his trauma for a while.

On the other hand, Syaon (Lee Si Woo) has a big obsession with Kim Do Ha. She can’t easily give up Kim Do Ha for another woman. Including now, Syaon doesn’t really like Kim Do Ha and Mok Sol Hee’s closeness.

3. Syaon said that Kim Do Ha had murdered

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Syaon has run out of patience due to Kim Do Ha always avoiding her. She took the last resort by asking Mok Sol Hee to move out from her apartment. This is so that Mok Sol Hee and Kim Do Ha’s closeness does not continue.

Of course, Mok Sol Hee did not want to obey Syaon’s request. He also regretted Syaon’s attitude that seemed not careful. This includes when Syaon threatened to commit suicide in Gangneung, causing Kim Do Ha to run to the location.

Alluding to the incident, Syaon also admitted that he had to do this. He wanted to reveal Kim Do Ha’s weakness so that he would pay attention to Syaon again.

Not really understanding what Syaon was talking about, Mok Sol Hee also asked him what he meant. Syaon answered, “Kim Do Ha killed someone once.”

Of course, this makes Mok Sol Hee feel surprised. A number of conflicts ensued due to Syaon’s rash attitude. It’s not surprising that this scene is one of the most discussed by the audience.

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