Han So Hee

Han So Hee apparently underwent surgery secretly without fans or the media knows. The actress revealed this directly through her personal blog post on Saturday (30/10).

So Hee explained that she was frustrated because of the rhinitis she was experiencing. So, she decided to have surgery.

The actress, born in 1994, revealed that she did not know when she had rhinitis. So Hee only realized because she was suddenly breathing from only one nostril.

Han So Hee

As a result of her illness, So Hee ended up sleeping snoring. This made her stressed and she finally chose to undergo surgery to cure rhinitis.

“And finally!!!!!!!! I underwent surgery for Rhinitis,” confided this beautiful actress. “At some point, I started breathing through only one nostril, and suddenly I started snoring,” he continued.

“I was stressed and thought it was time to do it (surgery), so I did it,” explained So Hee.

Han So Hee

The actress under 9ato Entertainment explained that she was grateful for her decision. “The wind is cold, but I’m grateful that I can breathe through both nostrils,” said So Hee.

So Hee perfects the story by showing her beautiful portrait from the side. This shows her sharp nose which often makes fans jealous.

Meanwhile, So Hee also shared her new portrait with her grandmother after a long time. The new photo of the two of them ended up making fans link So Hee’s real life with the Netflix series “Doona!” because it feels similar.

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