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Suzy’s latest series “Doona!” just released on Netflix on October 20. In this series, the former member of Miss A plays the role of Lee Doona, an idol singer who takes a break from the world of entertainment and lives her life as an ordinary person where Suzy perfectly plays this role, from her visuals, to her singing and dancing skills.

However, Suzy’s slick acting is also not without criticism. The reason is that recently after a day after “Doona!” was released, a post in an online community went viral with over 76,000 views. In this post, someone argued that actress Han So Hee was considered perhaps more suitable for the role because Suzy’s acting as a bad girl, smoking and swearing looked stiff.

However, quite a few also refuted these comments by saying that Han So Hee might have difficulty in dancing and singing scenes. Meanwhile, Suzy is indeed an idol who debuted with the girl group Miss A until it finally disbanded and is now more focused on her acting career even though she still has time to make a comeback as a solo singer.

“But it will be difficult for Han So Hee to dance and sing. Initially, Suzy was the person most people wanted to cast. And if you watch the drama, her character is not the light and breezy character like in the webtoon. At least Suzy suits this adaptation the best, Netter comments. “Actually I think it’s more interesting if someone who has been an idol acts in this, so I like it. Suzy is just the essence of Lee Doona for me,” said another. “I agree. Honestly, even in terms of acting skills. Maybe because of her image, but it feels awkward when Suzy smokes and curses,” concluded another.

While it is adapted from the webtoon “The Girl Downstairs”, “Doona!” tells the story of Lee Doona, the main vocalist and most popular member of the group, but suddenly announced her retirement. She now lives in a boarding house located near the university and rarely leaves the house.

Meanwhile, Lee Won Jun (Yang Se Jong) is a student and has a warm heart without any special background. He begins living in the shared house where Lee Doona lives where the two become attracted to each other.

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