Han Hyo Joo in Believer 2

The film “Believer 2” has released a new poster and trailer. The trailer for “Believer 2” shows the brutality of Han Hyo Joo and the return of Cha Seung Won.

For your information, “Believer 2” is a sequel to the film “Believer” which aired in 2018. In the second series, Detective Won Ho (Jo Jin Woong) searches for the missing Rak (Oh Seung Hoo). He is also still pursuing Mr Lee, the biggest drug kingpin in Asia whose identity is still mysterious.

Actor Cha Seung Won returns as a drug cartel named Brian. Apart from that, there is also Han Hyo Joo who plays Big Knife or Keun Kal.

Big Knife is the only person who knows Mr. Lee’s true identity. She came from China to clean up the mess Rak and Won Ho caused.

In the trailer, Big Knife immediately shows its brutality. Starting from burning buildings to taking Rak hostage.

“They should know what will happen if they dare mess with us,” Big Knife said in Mandarin.

Apart from that, Brian also returned even though he now has to use a wheelchair. “After today, there will only be one person remaining under that name,” said Brian.

On the other hand, the main poster of “Believer 2” displays interesting visuals with a torn paper effect. The four main characters appear to show different expressions.

Won Ho and Rak display firm expressions with their determination to track down the real Mr. Lee. Brian displayed a sharp, enigmatic gaze. Meanwhile, Big Knife already exudes coldness from her facial expression alone.

The film “Believer 2” will be broadcast on Netflix on November 17. Don’t miss the fun!

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