Han Hyo Joo in Moving

The BH Entertainment agency released a video when Han Hyo Joo was on the set of “Moving“. She is in a scene on the rooftop of Kim Bong Seok’s (Lee Jung Ha) school when facing North Korean soldiers.

In the video, Hyo Joo explains the shooting schedule that day. “Today is the long-awaited final scene. This is the end of the 20 episode series. It really is the end. This is the end,” said the actress.

Han Hyo Joo in Moving
Han Hyo Joo (doc: BH Entertainment)

Han Hyo Joo, who is wearing a green scarf and gray knitwear, is seen looking at the camera with a face without make-up. This actress, born in 1987, realistically portrayed her character with her hair tied tightly and a face full of wounds.

The production staff teased Hyo Joo by saying, “Why do you always look shabby lately?” The actress is confident that she can still be beautiful with that appearance. “I have to be a little messy to look beautiful,” answered Hyo Joo.

Hyo Joo then asked, “Don’t I look beautiful?” The production staff replied, “Yes, your visuals are really good today.” However, Hyo Joo was dissatisfied and said, “What’s with that reaction? I even blinked my eyes on purpose.”

Han Hyo Joo (doc: BH Entertainment)

After starting filming, Hyo Joo made mischievous expressions in front of the camera and then started practicing. After completing the training shoot with concentration, the actress appeared to be monitoring the footage carefully.


Hyo Joo also introduced Jung Ha by saying “He is my son”. The actress pointed to Jung Ha’s thick jacket and said, “He has been wearing this padded jacket from last winter to this summer. My poor son, he still has one more chance. Cheer up!”

After filming, Hyo Joo smiled happily when the staff gave her a round of applause. He said, “You work hard, everyone.” The actress looked emotional when she received a handwritten letter from Jung Ha. “I’ll read it when I get home,” he said.

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