Han Hyo Joo in Unexpected Business 3

The tvN program “Unexpected Business 3” was criticized again by Korean media. This time, Han Hyo Joo was criticized because she was constantly late for work.

For your information, Hyo Joo is one of the “part-time workers” in “Unexpected Business 3”. He helps Cha Tae Hyun and Jo In Sung manage a supermarket in the Marina area, California, United States.

“Following the controversy regarding poor hygiene and CEO Jo In Sung’s negligent attitude, this time, ‘part-time worker’ Han Hyo Joo’s tardiness was criticized by viewers,” wrote Sports Seoul media.

Before the first day of the supermarket opening, Tae Hyun had asked Hyo Joo to come at 08.30 according to opening hours. However, Hyo Joo was not seen when the first supermarket opened.

Han Hyo Joo in Unexpected Business 3

She only arrived at around 08.45. With a bright smile, Hyo Joo greeted the other workers who were busy making kimbap. Yoon Kyung Ho then said, “I’ve been waiting for you for a long time.”

On the first day, Hyo Joo injured her hand while preparing dinner. So Hyo Joo’s delay on the second day is still understandable. However, she was again late for work on the third day.

“The appearance of Han Hyo Joo, who is always late every day, only leaves disappointment for those who know her,” wrote Sports Seoul.

Previously, “Unexpected Business 3” was also criticized for its unclear division of labor. In Sung and Tae Hyun as supermarket CEOs are thought to talk more with customers when their employees are busy working.

Kyung Ho is considered to almost never rest from his position making kimbap. There are many moments where Kyung Ho is busy working, but the two bosses are busy chatting with customers.

Apart from that, the process of making kimbap in “Unexpected Business 3” also sparked controversy regarding cleanliness. The reason is, the employees, including the two CEOs, did not appear to be wearing masks when preparing food.

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