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Recently Han Hyo Joo greeted fans by attending the Actors House held at the KNN Theater in Haeundae, Busan, and sharing various stories with the audience. On this occasion, the star of the series “Moving” also recalled the story of her debut where she admitted that she had experienced depression.

“I studied Theater and Film but I couldn’t spend much time studying because I debuted as soon as I was accepted into the school. That’s why I lacked confidence when acting. I kept repeating failure and studying several times, like hitting a rock with an egg, he said.

Han Hyo Joo admitted that she always honed her acting skills so that she could be better and better even though she had given up. Even when starring in the drama “Spring Waltz”, Han Hyo Joo asked herself why her acting couldn’t be as good as her co-star.

“I cry every day because I can’t act well. I can’t act but I don’t want to admit it. Senior actress Kim Hae Sook appeared in my debut work ‘Spring Waltz’ as my mother. She acted so well that it made me wonder’ Why is my acting so bad? It’s so difficult’. But the senior said ‘You shouldn’t try to do something I’ve done for 20-30 years at once like that’. After hearing her words, I started accepting myself,” he added.

Finally, Han Hyo Joo admitted that she had found a way to bring a character to life from within herself when acting. “I really wanted to do well at that time. There was a time when I was afraid to even open the car door and stand in front of the camera. I was afraid of the camera. When I think about it now, I think it was depression. When I wondered if I should “Continuing to act after completing my first job, I came across the film ‘Ad-lib Night’ (2006). It was a low-budget independent film, but I learned a lot in the preparation process and changed the way I approached the character,” she concluded.

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