Ha Young in Doona!

Ha Young is known to have taken part in “Doona!”. The actress, born in 1993, plays the character Kim Jin Ju, the girl who became Lee Won Jun’s (Yang Se Jong) first love before meeting Lee Doona (Suzy).

For most drama viewers, Ha Young’s face is completely familiar. The actress apparently used to be EXO’s Sehun’s partner when they both starred in the drama “Now, We Are Breaking Up” in 2021.

In “Now, We Are Breaking Up”, Ha Young plays Jung So Young, the youngest designer on the team led by Ha Young Eun (Song Hye Kyo). Meanwhile, Sehun becomes Hwang Chi Hyung, the son of the head of the company where Young Eun works.

Ha Young in Doona!

So Young and Chi Hyung’s relationship began with several arguments. However, because they often work together, they eventually fall in love. The two of them even left the office to follow in Young Eun’s footsteps in creating her own brand.

Many netizens were quite surprised when they realized that Ha Young acted in “Doona!” with short hair, apparently once starred in “Now, We Are Breaking Up”. “It’s really confusing to realize that this is the same person, but I prefer his style when playing dramas with Sehun,” wrote one netizen.

On the other hand, Ha Young has actually been a supporting actor several times in various popular dramas. One of them is in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, where the actress becomes a bride who likes the same sex.

After “Doona!”, Ha Young will return to greet the public through the drama “The Trauma Code: Heroes on Call” which will be broadcast by Netflix in 2024. Don’t miss watching it.

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