Single's Inferno 3

Lee Gwanhee’s partner to be invited out of Hell Island at the ending of “Single’s Inferno” has finally been revealed. As one of the popular guys on the dating reality show, Gwanhee’s choice caught the attention of the audience. Moreover, Gwanhee was in a position contested by three female contestants, earning her the nickname “Village Flower”.

On Tuesday (9/1), “Single’s Inferno 3” aired the newest and final episode. In this final episode, the reality dating show’s “endgame” couple is finally determined after spending several days together on Hell Island.

During the broadcast of “Single’s Inferno 3”, Gwanhee was the male participant who was often highlighted. The reason is, Gwanhee is interested in three female contestants. Initially, Gwanhee approached Cho Hyeseon, Yoon Hajeong, and Kim Gyuri. However, at the end, Gwanhee was also attracted to Cho Minji.

Single's Inferno 3

[SPOILER] At the ending of “Single’s Inferno 3”, Gwanhee had to choose one of the three women who were targeting him. Gwanhee was confronted by Hyeseon, Hajeong, and Minji before being asked to leave Hell Island.

Among the three, Gwanhee finally stepped towards Hyeseon and took her hand. The two of them left Hell Island together as a couple.

“I think yesterday’s conversation and the chat in Heaven before that showed we had a deep connection. Because we clicked emotionally, that’s why I find Hyeseon unforgettable and I can’t stop thinking about her. “I feel like I will keep thinking about Hyeseon if I choose Minji,” said Gwanhee.

With these considerations, Gwanhee decided to choose Hyeseon. He admitted that if he chose Hyeseon he wouldn’t think too much about Minji, who in the last few episodes seemed to be clinging to him.

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