Gwan Hee in Singles Inferno 3

“Single’s Inferno 3” has ended its broadcast on January 9. As soon as it was finished, one of the participants in the Netflix program, Gwan Hee, underwent an interview with local media. The man expressed his regret for the words that caused controversy.

Gwan Hee was once criticized for being accused of not respecting three women he was interested in. The man even wished he could turn back time to when he filmed that moment. “I wish I could replay the moments before shooting ‘That one, that one, this one’,” he said.

The participant, who originally works as a basketball athlete, added, “We were starting to get to know each other at that time, so I didn’t know the names of all the female participants. So, I said it like that. That’s the only thing I regret while filming.”

Gwan Hee also revealed his reasons for agreeing to join “Single’s Inferno 3”. “I was supposed to be in season 2, but schedule conflicts during training prevented me from joining. While watching season 2, I thought, ‘It would be really fun to appear on that show’,” he added.

Gwan Hee then discussed the popularity he gained thanks to “Single’s Inferno 3”. “‘Those who recognize me say to me, ‘You are honest and funny as usual’. However, I don’t know how those who don’t know me will feel when watching the program,” he continued.

In the final episode of “Single’s Inferno 3”, Gwan Hee had to face 3 women who chose him, namely Hye Seon, Ha Jeong and Min Ji. However, the man ultimately chose to take Hye Seon’s hand and leave the island.

In the interview, Gwan Hee also discussed a little about his relationship with Hye Seon after “Single’s Inferno 3” ended. “It’s hard to say in detail, but I get along well with the participants, including Choi Hye Sun, of course. That’s all I can say, I’m afraid to explain too much detail,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, many suspect that Gwan Hee and Hye Seon are dating in real life. Netizens suspect that the they often do Lovestagram. One of them was when Gwan Hee made a post with a cute symbol, which Hye Seon commented on using the same symbol.

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