G-Dragon is currently still involved in a drug case. Interestingly, the way the BIGBANG member faced the police investigation and the reporter’s barrage of questions, reminded the public of old moments in the “Infinite Challenge” program.

Previously, on November 6, G-Dragon voluntarily went to the Narcotics Unit of the Incheon Metropolitan Police Agency to undergo an examination. When he arrived, G-Dragon was immediately confronted by a number of reporters who were waiting for him to be questioned.

The singer who was born in 1988 faced reporters and several questions from them, quite calmly. G-Dragon’s calm way of dealing with the case is very similar to the situation in one of the episodes of “Infinite Challenge”.


Several years ago, G-Dragon was given a surprise by the “Infinite Challenge” production team while filming the special theme “Muhan Company Series”. When he got out of his car, the man was shocked because the production team asked him to stand in front of so many reporters.

G-Dragon asked, “Are they really reporters? Why do I have to stand here?”. Even though he seemed unable to understand the situation, he still followed all the production team’s instructions and requests, showing his professionalism.

Now, netizens are praising G-Dragon for maintaining the same professionalism amidst the drug cases he is facing. “When G-Dragon voluntarily attended the police call, I immediately thought of employee Kwon (‘Infinite Challenge’),” wrote one netizen.

“I was very surprised to see him handle everything wisely, even though he doesn’t have an agency. The way he dealt with the police was unexpected, and made me think that this person is successful for a reason. I don’t want this incident to make him start censoring his actions and words. I hope he can continue to show us who he really is. Many people love you, GD,” concluded another.

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