Dami Kwon, G-Dragon’s older sister, vented her frustration over her brother’s name being dragged into a suspected drug abuse case.
She expressed her frustration publicly after holding back her anger for a long time since news of G-Dragon using drugs began circulating last October.

Moreover, many Korean netizens also highlighted G-Dragon’s speaking style and body language which were considered unusual and were linked to suspected drug use.

“I really restrained myself and restrained myself. Crazy… stop, I’m really crazy, you guys are like writing a novel,” wrote Dami Kwon via an Instagram Stories upload, Friday (10/11).

Dami Kwon also added the song ‘Gossip Man’ by G-Dragon as background music.

The song, which was released in 2009, seems in tune with G-Dragon’s current situation, where many rumors are circulating and continue to attract attention.

Dami Kwon’s anger made Korean netizens try to understand him.

“His family must be experiencing difficulties, especially since he is the youngest child,” commented the netizen.

“I remember GD always said he grew up with a lot of love from his family because there were people who could protect him when he received hate,” continued another netizen.

G-Dragon has firmly denied allegations of drug use and was arrested without any detention from the police. G-Dragon also tested negative for drugs.

However, the KPop idol whose real name is Kwon Ji Yong was accused of destroying evidence before carrying out a drug test.

G-Dragon is said to have removed his body hair to pass a drug test.

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