fifty fifty

FIFTY FIFTY are ready to come back with their latest work. The group consisting of Aran, Sio, Saena and Keena will release a new version of Cupid.

This time, FIFTY FIFTY teamed up with a soloist from America, Sabrina Carpenter.

FIFTY FIFTY will be releasing Cupid feat. Sabrina Carpenter on August 18, 2023.

Cupid is the song that makes FIFTY FIFTY became popular . Not only viral on social media, Cupid’s song has also made it into prestigious music charts such as the Billboard Hot 100, and other prestigious charts.

This song contains a message not to be passive in pursuing love. One should not be passive to win the desired love.

Fifty Fifty

The fans then gave a rousing welcome when FIFTY FIFTY was about to release Cupid feat. Sabrina Carpenter.

“Sabrina Cupid is going to be a huge hit,” wrote @lse***.

“I’m really very excited,” wrote @zoy ***.

However, some fans are also hoping for FIFTY FIFTY to come back with a new song or album, not just another version of Cupid.

“I prefer a new album, I understand that this is popular again, but real Kpop fans will like something new,” wrote @tai ***.

“It seems the agency is still nostalgic, poor thing,” wrote @lux ***.

Meanwhile, according to Soompi, the announcement of the release of this new Cupid came a few hours before the publication of the news that the mediation between FIFTY FIFTY and their agency, ATTRAKT failed. FIFTY FIFTY’s legal dispute with the agency will also return to court.

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