As an idol, BLACKPINK’s Rose was in the spotlight when she appeared at the BORN PINK concert in Paris on July 15, 2023. Fans were worried about her body looking too thin.

So far, the K-Pop world is quite strict about the beauty standards of female idols. Slim slim body is one of the benchmarks for their cool appearance. However, because they are so slim, a number of K-Pop idols make fans worry.


Rosé’s portrait showing her ribs at the BORN PINK Paris encore concert made fans worry. In addition, the arms and legs of the “On The Ground” singer also look so small for an adult woman of her age.

Both Korean and international fans have voiced their concern for Rosé’s health. They call it looks unhealthy and could have collapsed at any time. Rosé herself is known as one of the slimmest artists with a height of 168 cm and a weight of only 44 kg.

2. Yuna ITZY

Yuna once made MIDZY, what ITZY fans call themselves, worry about because her body looks so thin. Wearing a crop top, Yuna’s rib cage caught attention because it was clearly visible when dancing to the song “Twenty”.

Moreover, Yuna is known to often go on diets to maintain her weight. Then, fans were worried about her health and asked the singer of “Sneakers” to rearrange her portion of food.



Lisa is known as one of the idols with the best dance skills. However, in several appearances, Lisa often shows her stomach bones which are so clear when dancing. This makes fans worry because her body is too thin.

The idol who was born on March 27, 1997 once stated that she was not on a diet but her body was indeed difficult to get fat even though she had eaten a lot. So, BLINKs, you don’t have to worry anymore!

4. Wonyoung IVE

Wonyoung IVE has always been an easy target for hate comments, from her gestures to her body proportions. The singer of “Love Dive” often looks very thin, both on stage and at the airport.

On one occasion, fans highlighted how Wonyoung’s ribs were clearly visible when dancing to the song “After Like”. This makes fans worried about her health.

5. Winter aespa

Recently, fans also expressed their concern for aespa’s Winter who looked thin in the middle of promoting the mini album My World. During her appearance on Mnet MCountdown, Winter’s ribs became the highlight when dancing to “Spicy”.

This fact creates great concern for MY, the name of the aespa fans. Moreover, Winter was once absent from performing at a Japanese concert due to her unfavorable physical condition.

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