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Aespa seems to be really returning to Kwangya in the upcoming comeback with the mini album “DRAMA”. SM Entertainment released Ningning’s teaser on Monday (23/10) at midnight, and fans were amazed by the concept and visuals of aespa’s youngest member.

Ningning’s teaser photos show her in a sexy black outfit that exposes her back and stomach. In one of the teasers, the singer who was born in 2002 is seen standing at a height while holding a small plane with a view of the city lights behind her.

Responding to Ningning’s teaser photos, fans not only admired the beauty of the owner of the real name Ning Yizhuo but also her skills in posing. The idol is considered to be very good at showing her best angle and her photos are always considered amazing.

“Ningning is too good. She surpasses herself every comeback. How can that be?” fan comments. “OMG NINGNING? THIS OUTFIT IS CRAZY HELLO,” said another fan. “She’s the original and only 4th generation It Girl… No one else can be like her,” added another.

“No K-pop idol has ever been like this Beyoncé,” said fans. “Why do they always give her the best outfits?” another comment. “One thing that aespa will always do is look super cool in concept photos,” added another.

Meanwhile, “DRAMA”, which will be released on November 10, will be aespa’s third comeback this year after the success of “SPICY” and the single “Better Things“. For this comeback, the girl group is expected to return to their worldview in Kwangya.

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