V bts

Fans were excited by the upload showing the interaction between GD and V BTS. In the screenshot in the internet, the 35-year-old man was caught liking one of V’s photos on Instagram.

The photo that GD liked on Instagram shows V with a chef from Japan at an event. Then, GD’s Instagram account, namely xxxibgdrgn, liked the photo.

This then made fans excited and indirectly dragged Jennie’s name. This is because there were rumors that Jennie was dating GD.

V bts
GD liked V BTS’s photo on Instagram/ Photo: Instagram

Then, Jennie broke up with GD and was rumored to be dating V BTS. Many photos of alleged intimacy between Jennie and V on holiday in Jeju are circulating on social media.

However, many other netizens also gave neutral comments and said that GD’s action of liking V BTS’s photo on Instagram could not be interpreted as strange.

Apart from that, it is known that GD and V BTS were both present at the same event so it is likely that they interacted there.

“It was an event at Paradise (Hotel). G-Dragon also attended the event so he could like the post. Don’t interpret it with a different meaning,” commented a netizen.

“The fact that GD clicked like on some posts using his official account doesn’t mean anything,” wrote another.

“As I know, G-Dragon’s account automatically likes posts with one of the hashtags, such as #gdragon #bigbang #gd #xxxibgdragon, every 2-3 seconds as fan service,” added another.

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