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Chinese actress Fan Bingbing has returned to actively attending international events after being involved in a tax evasion controversy in 2018. Fan Bingbing’s appearance at the Opening Ceremony of the 2023 Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) on Wednesday (4/10) was widely highlighted by the Korean media.

Fan Bingbing walked the red carpet at BIFF 2023 with the director of the film “Green Night”, Han Shuai. Different from most other actresses who wear black or white monochrome dresses, the star of the film “X-Men: Days of Future Past” stole attention with a bright dress that was beautiful and sexy.

The 1981-born actress wore a long, salmon pink dress with a low cleavage. The unique material makes Fan Bingbing’s dress look glossy and shining.

Fan Bingbing’s beautiful visuals received praise from many Korean media. A number of Korean media described the actress as “The Radiant Beauty”, “The Beauty Who Captivates Busan’s Heart”, and “The Beauty Who Captivates”.

Meanwhile, Fan Bingbing attended BIFF 2023 for the film “Green Night”. The film tells the story of a Chinese woman named Jin Xia (Fan Bingbing) who marries a Korean man named Lee Seung Hun (Kim Yeong Ho) in order to gain legal status in South Korea.

One day, Jin Xia meets a mysterious green-haired woman (Joo Young Lee) and gets involved in the world of drug sales. Jin Xia invites the green-haired woman to go home and they accidentally kill Seung Hun. After that, the two of them tried to escape.

“Green Night” was selected as part of the BIFF 2023 Gala Presentational. Gala Presentation is a program that displays new or hot works from world-renowned masters.

On the other hand, BIFF 2023 will screen a total of 209 films that received official invitations from 69 countries and 60 communities. The film “Because I Hate Korea” starring Go Ah Sung and Joo Jong Hyuk was chosen as the opening act for BIFF 2023.

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