Fans were shocked by the news of Nana‘s marriage, one of the stars of the drama Mask Girl (2023). The hashtag Nana Gyeolheun (in Hangeul) was trending on Korean Twitter yesterday.

However, many fans were skeptical because they had not heard of Nana’s dating rumors in recent years. Let’s check the truth below!

1. The hashtag Nana Gyeolheun went viral in South Korea

Check the fact that Nana is married (doc. KBIZoom)

The hashtag Nana Gyeolheun in Hangeul, which means Nana is Married, trended on Korean Twitter on Monday (28/8/2023). Fans immediately believed that the Nana in question was Kim Mo Mi B’s character in Mask Girl (2023).

However, some fans are skeptical, because this After School member has never been open about her romantic relationship in the last few years. She was last rumored to be dating actor Hong Jong Hyun eight years ago, but was immediately denied.

2. It turns out that it was the musical actress Na Ha Na who announced that she was getting married

Musical Actress Na Ha Na (doc. KBIZoom)

As quoted by Koreaboo via KBIZoom, it turns out that the rumor spread after musical actress Na Ha Na announced the news of her marriage. Na Ha Na is getting married to musical actor Yoon Eun Oh, who has been dating for 2.5 years.

Until this article was published, Nana’s side also did not release any statement. This rumor also died down on its own after the facts were revealed.

3. Fans misunderstood because of incomplete hashtags

Check the fact that Nana is married (Netflix via

It turns out that the trending hashtags on Twitter only appear as Nana Married, not Na Ha Na Married. So that the fans have misunderstood after hearing this rumor.

Don’t intend to do a prank, but fans have already misunderstood. Were you also fooled when you know this news?

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