The Devil's Plan

You can watch the survival show The Devil’s Plan (2023) on Netflix. This event presented 12 participants who were considered intelligent and talented in their respective fields.

After 12 episodes have aired, the audience finally knows who the winner of this survival show is. Let’s check the explanation of the ending of The Devil’s Plan (2023)!

Warning: This article contains spoilers!

1. Some talented players were eliminated first

The Devil's Plan

All participants in The Devil’s Plan (2023) are known to be intelligent and cannot be underestimated. However, because there was an alliance of ‘weak people’ formed by ORBIT or Guedo, several potential players were eliminated first.

On the other hand, the alliance made by ORBIT also eliminated Lee Hye Sung. Even though Lee Hye Sung was originally a member of their alliance.

Guillaume Patry, who is known as a professional gamer and poker player, had to be eliminated first. Likewise with Kim Dong Jae, a biomedical student who is skilled at playing poker.

If Guillaume Patry and Kim Dong Jae survive until the semi-finals, Ha Seok Jin and Guedo will not easily advance to the final round. The semifinal match felt bland because only Ha Seok Jin, ORBIT, and Seo Dong Joo dominated.

2. Lee See Won was eliminated in prison

The Devil's Plan

Lee See Won is one of the female participants who is expected to enter the final round. Viewers are looking forward to Lee See Won’s collaboration with Ha Seok Jin until the final round.

Ha Seok Jin deliberately eliminated Cho Yeon Woo so he could go to prison with Lee See Won. These two aces managed to break the code in the prison and found a secret room.

Unfortunately, Lee See Won failed when playing Gomoku in the secret room. Even Lee See Won was not given the opportunity to say goodbye to Ha Seok Jin.

3. There were 4 participants who were eliminated in the semi-finals. Then why was Seo Dong Joon eliminated?

The Devil's Plan

7 participants competed individually in the semi-final round. Poker games prevent participants from forming alliances. This is beneficial for Ha Seok Jin whose alliance friends were eliminated first. Meanwhile, weak ORBIT alliance members cannot survive.

Park Kyeong Rim was the first person to be eliminated, followed by Seungkwan SEVENTEEN. Suh Yu Min, who was in the lead, actually lost badly because he tried to bring down another opponent by placing a high bet. Kwak Joon Bin was the last person to be eliminated in the semifinals.

Almost entering the final, unfortunately Seo Dong Joon lost in the prize match. His defeat occurred due to ORBIT’s error. He became the 10th participant to be eliminated.

4. ORBIT was runner up after losing two games in the final

The Devil's Plan

ORBIT managed to win the first half in the Nine Men’s Morris game. However, in the third and second rounds, Ha Seok Jin managed to corner him and emerge victorious.

The second game in the final round was Hexagon, which required participants to memorize and add numbers. Ha Seok Jin was ahead by one point from the start because he had the most pieces.

Unfortunately, ORBIT answers questions incorrectly and correctly with the same frequency. In the 10th round, ORBIT made a mistake by answering the wrong question so the points were reduced.

5. Ha Seok Jin is the winner and takes home a prize of 250 million won

The Devil's Plan

Of all the participants, Ha Seok Jin is known to be smart and calm. He even deliberately lost the match before the semi-finals so he could go to prison and solve the puzzle there.

Ha Seok Jin managed to win two games in the final round and beat ORBIT. In the final, Ha Seok Jin tends to play it safe and tries not to answer incorrectly so that his points don’t decrease.

The prize that Ha Seok Jin took home was 250 million won. These prizes are obtained from the cooperation of the participants in prize matches over the course of 12 episodes.

In the final episode, all the eliminated participants returned and supported their champions. Even though his alliance was small, Ha Seok Jin managed to win and avenge his colleagues. Are you satisfied with the winner?

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