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My Dearest finally officially ended on November 18 2023. Divided into two parts, this MBC drama unexpectedly received a positive response from the audience. The ratings reached double digits and the highest score was 12.9 percent in the last episode.

The addition of one episode from the original plan seems to answer fans’ concerns about the ending of the two main characters, Lee Jang Hyun (Nam Goong Min) and Yoo Gil Chae (Ahn Eun Jin). The 21st episode also has a longer duration than usual, namely 100 minutes. Here is an explanation of the ending of the drama My Dearest Part 2.

1. Gak Hwa releases Joseon prisoners and Jang Hyun

My Dearest

The last letter written by Crown Prince So Hyun (Kim Mu Jun) was addressed to Jang Hyun. He asked Jang Hyun to help him fulfill his promise to the Joseon captives in Qing. With his wealth and the remaining wealth of Crown Princess Kang (Jeon Hye Won), Jang Hyun begged for the prisoners to be released and sent home.

Gak Hwa (Lee Chung Ah), who previously saved Jang Hyun from King Injo’s (Kim Jong Tae) subordinates, granted his wish. However, Gak Hwa still hopes that Jang Hyun will go with him to Qing. Of course Jang Hyun refused. With a heavy heart, Gak Hwa let him go.

2. King Injo threatened Jang Chul to arrest the rebels

My Dearest

King Injo couldn’t do anything because Jang Hyun was protected by Gak Hwa. However, he won’t let Jang Hyun get away with it. King Injo is also still afraid of the prisoners the Crown Prince saved because they have returned.

King Injo then asked Jang Chul (Moon Sung Geun), the leader of the scholars, to look for rebels among the captives. Jang Chul wanted to refuse and continued to ask about evidence of potential rebellion from the captives. However, because there was no evidence, King Injo threatened him.

Jang Chul’s father once made a false report that caused a family to be destroyed. The surviving daughter of the family continues to appeal every year to King Injo to clear her family’s name. King Injo continued to reject this request. However, if Jang Chul didn’t want to take care of the rebel matter, King Injo threatened to accept the appeal and make him a slave again.

3. The prisoner was accused of wanting to betray, Gu Yang Cheon made a sacrifice

My Dearest

The prisoners were then accused of planning a rebellion. They are known to pay tribute to the Crown Princess who had been declared a traitor by King Injo. However, the tribute event was not related to the rebellion because it was only intended to repay the kindness of the Crown Prince and Crown Princess.

The prisoners were detained for further investigation, then they attempted to escape. Unfortunately, this attempt was discovered and they were eventually chased by guards. Gu Yang Cheon (Choi Moo Sung), who was with them, sacrificed himself to be bait so that the others could survive. Gu Yang Cheon was shot and died.

4. The reason Jang Hyun doesn’t want to return to his father, Jang Chul, is revealed

My Dearest

After hearing that the prisoners in Uiju were captured, Jang Hyun went to see Jang Chul who was in charge of the matter. Initially, Jang Chul was unaware that Jang Hyun was his son. Because he thought his son had died as a result of a group of robbers in the past.

Jang Hyun then spoke honestly and asked Jang Chul to release the captives. However, Jang Chul could not be persuaded anymore because he was afraid of King Injo’s threat. He doesn’t want to lose students who are like his children.

Seeing this action, Jang Hyun remembered when Jang Chul killed Sam Do (Baek Seung Do). Sam Do is a slave who serves Jang Hyun’s family and has a special relationship with Jang Hyun’s older brother, Lee Dan (Hong Ji In). Jang Chul was originally going to remove Sam Do’s slave status, but he changed his mind.

Sam Do turns out to be the only surviving son in the family destroyed by Jang Chul’s father. Sam Do has forgotten about his grudge because of his love for Lee Dan. When Jang Chul found out, Sam Do said he would live as if he were dead if he was released. However, Jang Chul didn’t believe it and ended up killing Sam Do.

This case is similar to the captives Jang Chul refused to save, even though they said they would live as if they were dead. Jang Hyun knows that his father’s cruel actions have not changed. Therefore, she chose not to return to Jang Chul even though he had survived since childhood.

5. Nam Yeon Jun realized Jang Chul’s fear and helped Jang Hyun

My Dearest

Jang Chul then discussed sacrifice with Nam Yeon Jun (Lee Hak Joo) who already knew that Jang Hyun was Jang Chul’s son. Jang Chul said he would sacrifice Jang Hyun to save Joseon from destruction. Jang Chul also ordered Nam Yeon Jun to kill his son.

In the past, Jang Chul once gave advice to Nam Yeon Jun. Jang Chul said, a person will become more cruel if he is afraid. Nam Yeon Jun realized that Jang Chul was actually hiding something that scared him so much that he wanted to kill his son. Nam Yeon Jun, who actually believed that Jang Hyun had no intention of rebelling, chose to save Jang Hyun and lied to everyone.

6. After losing his memory, Jang Hyun returned with Gil Chae

My Dearest

Jang Hyun is still alive and is being helped by one of the prisoners he saved. Nam Yeon Jun heard the news about the prisoner and told Gil Chae the truth. Gil Chae goes and tries to find clues about Jang Hyun.

Until finally, Gil Chae met the prisoner and found out that Jang Hyun was still alive, only that he had lost his memory again. With clues from the prisoner, Gil Chae knows that Jang Hyun went to places that were memories of the two of them in the past.

Gil Chae then realized that she had once told Jang Hyun that she wanted to live somewhere in the mountains near Neunggun-ri. Then, Jang Hyun was there. Gil Chae tries slowly to restore Jang Hyun’s memory. Finally, Jang Hyun was able to regain his memory and returned to Gil Chae.

7. Nam Yeon Jun is the author of a historical archive that should have been deleted

My Dearest

Nam Yeon Jun is known to be the author of a historical archive that was said to have been deleted. He wrote about the Crown Prince mingling with the Qing people and acting like them. Nam Yeon Jun also brought up that there was someone who did not act like an officer, who was none other than Jang Hyun.

The scorn for the Crown Prince and Jang Hyun that he wrote was a form of expressing Nam Yeon Jun’s opinion as a scholar who was very loyal to Joseon. Nam Yeon Jun then wanted to commit suicide after writing the note. Fortunately, Kyung Eun Ae (Lee Da In) soon arrived.

8. Nam Yeon Jun and Kyung Eun Ae returned to Neunggun-ri

My Dearest

Kyung Eun Ae finally told Nam Yeon Jun the truth that she had been touched by a foreign intruder. She told him the details of what happened and asked her husband’s opinion. Nam Yeon Jun was initially very surprised and was angry with Kyung Eun Ae for some time.

However, after going through a difficult ordeal and losing his teacher, Jang Chul, who committed suicide, Nam Yeon Jun realized that he had acted wrongly towards his wife. Nam Yeon Jun then followed Kyung Eun Ae’s wishes, who intended to return to Neunggun-ri.

9. Different fates of Ryang Eum and Gu Jam

My Dearest

Ryang Eum (Kim Yoon Woo) is a white-haired person who was in prison in episode 1. Ryang Eum was previously knocked unconscious by Jang Hyun when she tried to pretend to be him so that he would be killed. Apparently, he was imprisoned by King Injo as stated in the archive written by Nam Yeon Jun. For years, Ryang Eum did not know Jang Hyun’s condition.

Different from Ryang Eum, Jang Hyun’s other friend, Gu Jam (Park Kang Sub), actually lives a happier life. He has married his idol, namely Jong Jong (Park Jeong Yeon). They also lived in Neunggun-ri together with old friends and surviving prisoners.

10. Crown Prince So Hyun was still remembered by King Injo until his death

My Dearest

Rumors that the Crown Prince had been poisoned had reached the public. The Crown Prince’s eunuch, Pyo Eon Gyum (Yang Hyun Min) was involved in this betrayal. He felt guilty and decided to drink the same poison as was given to the Crown Princess.

King Injo never calmed down after the Crown Prince died. He also looked worried when he found out about the last letter from the Crown Prince to Jang Hyun. Until his death, the only person King Injo remembered was his son. There is longing and regret that radiates.

My Dearest fans can sleep soundly after seeing the end of Jang Hyun and Gil Chae’s story. The various twists and turns they go through make their love even stronger. Now, Jang Hyun and Gil Chae can live together simply according to Gil Chae’s wishes.

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