Destined With You

Destined with You aired episode 16 on Thursday (12/10/2023). In episode 15, the audience was made to overthink because of the footage showing Jang Shin Yu crying hysterically while hugging Lee Hong Jo.

Apart from that, the audience is also wondering, has Jang Shin Yu’s curse disappeared? Lastly, has Na Jung Beom been caught by the police? Check it all out!

Warning: This article contains spoilers!

1. Yoon Na Yeon, Na Jung Beom, Mayor Yoon, and Lee Hyun Seo get retribution for their crimes

Destined With You

Na Jung Beom (Ahn Sang Woo) was finally arrested by the police for the murder of his wife 5 years ago. Apart from that, he was also charged with kidnapping and attempting to murder Lee Hong Jo (Jo Bo Ah).

Yoon Na Yeon (Yura), who helped Na Jung Beom, was also arrested by the police. Meanwhile, Grandpa Oh Sam Sik (Yoo Soon Woong), who provided an alibi for Na Jung Beom 5 years ago, was not jailed because Jang Shin Yu (Ro Woon) was his lawyer.

Bad luck also befell Mayor Yoon Hak Young (Song Young Kyu) and Lee Hyun Seo (Kim Kwon). Kwon Jae Gyeong (Ha Joon) reported them for bribery and illegal means to obtain Jang Shin Yu’s land. The land that had been given to Onju City Hall returned to Jang Shin Yu’s hands.

2. Kwon Jae Gyeong moved to the Blue House until Gong Seo Goo and Ma Eun Young got married

Destined With You

Kwon Jae Gyeong specifically asked Jang Shin Yu to become a lawyer. It was proven that Kwon Jae Gyeong did not accept bribes. The goal is to take Lee Hyun Seo’s money to report to the audit.

However, Kwon Jae Gyeong can no longer work at Onju City Hall. Luckily, many politicians wanted to work with him. In fact, he has got a new job at Blue House.

On the other hand, Kwon Jae Gyeong still likes Lee Hong Jo. He was even willing to marry Lee Hong Jo if Jang Shin Yu hadn’t proposed within 6 months. Apart from changing jobs, Kwon Jae Gyeong also no longer lives under Lee Hong Jo’s house.

Ma Eun Young (Lee Bong Ryun) finally married Gong Seo Goo (Hyun Bong Sik). Meanwhile, Son Sae Byeol (Park Kyung Hye) and Mi Ran (Yoo Su Jeong) are still trying to find a lover.

3. The person who buried the box containing the spell was Jang Mu Jin, Shin Yu’s ancestor. Their family curse finally disappeared

Destined With You

It turns out that the person who buried the box containing the spell books under the temple was Jang Mu Jin (Ro Woon). The goal is so that the book can be found by the reincarnation of Aeng Cho (Jo Bo Ah) in the future.

Evidently, 300 years later, Lee Hong Jo found the book, and started another love story with Jang Shin Yu. The curse that Jang Shin Yu had been receiving had finally disappeared. Even the doctor said that the disease was cured like a miracle.

4. Jang Shin Yu proposed to Lee Hong Jo!

Destined With You

On Ma Eun Young and Gong Seo Goo’s wedding day, Jang Shin Yu received a flower bucket given to Lee Hong Jo. Forced to get married immediately, but Jang Shin Yu and Lee Hong Jo admit they are not ready.

But at the end of episode 16, Jang Shin Yu finally proposed to Lee Hong Jo. This moment was held on the beach where Lee Hong Jo remembered his deceased father.

On the other hand, Jang Shin Yu’s parents, namely Jang Se Heon (Lee Pil Mo) and Song Yoon Joo (Jung Hye Young) have given their blessing. Jang Shin Yu bought the house that Lee Hong Jo lived in and lived there with his future wife.

5. It turns out that Grandma Eun Wol had a dream about Shin Yu’s mother being pregnant

Destined With You

In the morning after Jang Shin Yu and Lee Hong Jo slept together, Grandma Eun Wol (Kim Hye Ok) contacted them. He dreamed of seeing peaches which indicated a girl’s pregnancy.

Therefore, Grandma Eun Wol asked Jang Shin Yu and Lee Hong Jo to get married immediately. It turns out that the dream described the pregnancy of Song Yoon Joo (Jung Hye Young), Shin Yu’s mother. Jang Shin Yu’s parents decided to reconcile.

Apart from that, Song Yoon Joo is also back in a drama. He even invited Kim Wook (Lee Tae Ri), Jang Shin Yu’s best friend to play in the drama. Kim Wook decides to resign from the Law & High firm.

Destined with You (2023) presents the ending for each character clearly. Do you like the ending of this JTBC drama?

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