Welcome To Samdal-Ri and My Demon

“Welcome to Samdal-ri” and “My Demon” have both aired their 14th episodes. The audience’s reaction when watching the latest episodes of the two dramas seems to be drastically different. They are happy when watching Ji Chang Wook’s drama, but sad when watching Song Kang’s drama.

The 14th episode of “Welcome to Samdal-ri” shows Jo Yong Pil (Chang Wook) and Jo Sam Dal (Shin Hye Sun) who are dating again after 8 years of breaking up. Sam Dal finally finds out that Yong Pil has always secretly supported him in times of success or failure.

The couple begins to have the courage to face Yong Pil’s father who was initially against their relationship. When he heard Sam Dal’s determination to love his son, Yong Pil’s father finally melted and gave his blessing to the couple.

Something drastically different happened in the 14th episode of “My Demon”. The latest episode broadcast on Saturday (13/1) actually showed a sad moment when Do Do Hee (Kim Yoo Jung) found out that her father died because his soul contract with Gu Won (Song Kang) had ended.

Do Hee was also afraid when she saw the moment where Gu Won faced someone whose contract period had ended. Gu Won, who felt guilty for continuing to be a source of Do Hee’s sadness, finally asked to break up and leave the woman.

Seeing the latest episodes of “Welcome to Samdal-ri” and “My Demon”, the audience’s response was drastically different. “‘My Demon’ episode 14 gave me a broken heart, I also thought ‘Samdalri’ would have a similar ending, but no, episode 14 healed my heart,” wrote one netizen.

“The ending of eps 14 My Demon and Samdalri are like the sky and the basement’,” said another netizen. “Barely made it past ‘My Demon’, but ‘Welcome to Samdal-ri’ is still catchy,” added another.

Meanwhile, “Welcome to Samdal-ri” and “My Demon” will both present the last two episodes next weekend. These two dramas still have conflicts that make the audience curious about the ending. Don’t miss watching it.

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