The last three episodes of Moving aired on Disney+ Hotstar on Wednesday (20/9/2023). According to Kang Full’s interview, Moving presents a slightly different ending from the webtoon.

Increasingly chaotic, but also exciting, the last three episodes of the drama Moving (2023) are guaranteed to make the audience flutter. Let’s look the explanation of the ending of this drama.

  1. Kim Doo Sik returned to South Korea, and met Lee Mi Hyun and Kim Bong Seok
Still cut Korean drama Moving (doc. Disney+ Hotstar/Moving)

As the audience suspected, Kim Doo Sik (Jo In Sung) has been detained by North Korea thanks to super soldiers. After a violent fight at Jeongwon High School, North Korean soldier Jung Jun Hwa (Yang Dong Geun) releases Kim Doo Sik.

After that, Kim Doo Sik returned to South Korea and easily found the house of Lee Mi Hyun (Han Hyo Joo) and Kim Bong Seok (Lee Jung Ha). The roof of Lee Mi Hyun’s house is painted purple with yellow accents.

This small family scene closes with Kim Doo Sik hugging Kim Bong Seok and Lee Mi Hyun. The three of them were just silent while smiling at each other.

  1. Lee Gang Hoon entered NIS, Jang Hui Soo studied at Daehan University. Kim Bong Seok as Yellow Man
Still cut Korean drama Moving (doc. Disney+ Hotstar/Moving)

Lee Gang Hoon (Kim Do Hoon) decides to join the NIS. Officially becoming a trainee, Lee Gang Hoon promises to erase the criminal record of his father, Lee Jae Man (Kim Sung Kyun).

On the other hand, Jang Hui Soo (Go Yoon Jung) managed to enter Daehan University’s sports department. Unfortunately, he hasn’t met Kim Bong Seok again after the fight night at school.

However, Jang Hui Soo immediately recognized the figure in the yellow raincoat named Yellow Man who appeared on television. Before separating, Jang Hui Soo and Kim Bong Seok were honest about liking each other.

  1. North Korean soldier Kwon Yong Deuk lives with Jang Ju Won. Bang Ki Soo and Han Byul become close friends
Still cut Korean drama Moving (doc. Disney+ Hotstar/Moving)

While escaping from school, North Korean soldier Kwon Yong Deuk (Park Kwang Jae) meets Jang Hui Soo. It turns out that this meeting led Kwon Yong Deuk to live with Jang Ju Won (Ryoo Seung Ryong).

Instead of returning to North Korea, Kwon Yong Deuk became a clerk at Jang Ju Won’s chicken shop. In fact, Jang Hui Soo already considers Kwon Yong Deuk to be his uncle.

Bang Ki Soo (Shin Jae Hwi) and Han Byul (Park Han Sol) are additional characters involved on the night of the battle. Thanks to that, now Bang Ki Soo likes Han Byul. In fact, it was observed that people were busy even bringing Han Byul’s camera.

  1. North Korean soldiers Jung Jun Hwa, Kim Doo Sik, and Jang Ju Won kill high-ranking officials who threaten their children
Still cut Korean drama Moving (doc. Disney+ Hotstar/Moving)

Before freeing Kim Doo Sik, Jung Jun Hwa first killed his superior (Son Byung Ho). Seeing super children in South Korea, it seems Jung Jun Hwa is worried about the fate of his children. Because it turns out, Jung Jun Hwa already has a child who has the potential to inherit his powers.

Meanwhile, Kim Doo Sik kills Director Min Yong Jun (Moon Sung Geun). Just like Jung Jun Hwa, he doesn’t want Kim Bong Seok to be used by Director Min or NIS.

Finally, Jang Ju Won killed Principal Jo Rae Hyuk (Yoo Seung Mok). If Principal Jo is gone, the children who are hiding will be safe from the reach of the NIS.

  1. Finally it was revealed that Shin Hye Won was a member of the NIS and Choi Il Hwan gave NTDP data to Jang Ju Won
Still cut Korean drama Moving (doc. Disney+ Hotstar/Moving)

Since last week, viewers have been convinced that Shin Hye Won (Shin Dal Gi) is a character in the webtoon Bridge. Its power is that it cannot age. Even though Shin Hye Won is a colleague of security guard Hwang Ji Sung (Kim Jong Soo).

In episode 20, Shin Hye Won appeared and rebuked Director Min’s work. At that time, Lee Gang Hoon also realized that Hwang Ji Sung and Shin Hye Won were NIS members.

For the safety of children with superpowers, Teacher Choi Il Hwan (Kim Hee Won) gave the NTDP file to Jang Ju Won. Teacher Choi was reluctant to provide the data to NIS or other parties.

Moving (2023) presents an ending that is beyond expectations. Can you let go Moving (2023)?

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