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In the 12th episode of “Not Others“, Eun Mi (Hye Jin) and Mi Jung (Kim Hye Eun) decided to become a family after many conflicts and misunderstandings. Together with Jin Hee (Sooyoung), the three women take family photos.

As they stood side by side and smiled brightly, it showed the true portrait of a happy family. In “Not Others”, Mi Jung and Eun Mi are a pair of mother and daughter. Meanwhile, Jin Hee is Eun Mi’s daughter and granddaughter of Mi Jung.

Still cut Korean drama Not Others (doc. Viki/Not Others)

Looking at his family documents, Jin Hee cried with joy because after nearly 30 years of living alone with his mother, another member of his family finally appeared. At the same time, Eun Mi sobbed and received a reassuring hug from the man she loved.

In the end, from complete strangers hating each other, they truly became a family. By the Korean media, this touching scene is considered to have succeeded in making the audience of “Not Others” shed tears.

“Not Others” ends with Eun Mi and Jin Hee going on a trip abroad but not together because they have their own ways. Before embarking on their new adventure, Jin Hee surprises his girlfriend with an unexpected kiss.

Still cut Korean drama Not Others (doc. Viki/Not Others)

With the ending satisfying the audience, the final episode rating for “Not Other” also reached a record high of 5.5 percent. “Not Other” is the highest-rated drama in ENA history in 2023.

Meanwhile, Sooyoung also received praise for constantly choosing different genres for her acting career. Many are looking forward to a new breakthrough for the idol actress after the success of starring in “Not Other”. Don’t miss the latest information here.

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