Arthdal Chronicles 2

Arthdal Chronicles 2: The Sword of Aramun aired its final episode on Sunday (22/10/2023). You can watch a total of 12 episodes of this drama starring Lee Joon Gi and Shin Se Kyung on Disney+ Hotstar.

After a prolonged war, Eunseom finally conquered Arthdal, and became king and Aramun Haessula. But, the disaster in Arthdal was not over.

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Warning: This article contains spoilers!

1. Tagon died, while Taealha and Arok left Arthdal

Arthdal Chronicles 2

Tagon (Jang Dong Gun) realized that he had really lost to Eunseom (Lee Joon Gi). But he has prepared plans for Arthdal’s future, even though he is no longer there.

In episode 12, the dying Tagon died at the hands of Taealha (Kim Ok Vin). After that, Taealha left Arthdal together with Arok (Shin Seo Woo).

2. Nunbyeol left with the other Neanthals, and separated from Chae Eun

Arthdal Chronicles 2

Nunbyeol (Lee Si Woo) only has one goal to help Eunseom, namely to kill Tagon. After the war ended, Nunbyeol left Arthdal with Issruv (Song Jong Ho) and Nasunaho (Hwang Dong Hee) to the Plains of the Moon.

On the other hand, Rottip (Yoo Min Kyu) was killed by Saya (Lee Joon Gi) and the Ikomahis. Chae Eun (Ha Seung Ri), Nunbyeol’s older sister, lives in Arthdal and becomes a yakbachi or healer.

3. The Ago tribe conquered Arthdal, then Eunseom became king and Aramun Haessula

Arthdal Chronicles 2

The Ago tribe succeeded in conquering Arthdal. They were helped by the Momo Tribe, including Xabara Karika (Erika Karata) who paid the galma or debt for the death of her brother, Karat (Eun Moon Suk).

Eunseom succeeded in becoming king of Arthdal after proving that he was Aramun Haessula. Today some of Arthdal’s ministers come from the chief clans of the Ago Tribe.

4. Tanya fell asleep after drinking the Bichwisan antidote

Arthdal Chronicles 2

Tagon prepared 5 large barrels containing Bichwisan, a poison without smell and color. The pond containing Bichwisan will flow into every well in Arthdal if it reaches a certain water level.

In order to save the residents of Arthdal, Tanya (Shin Se Kyung) dives to the bottom of the pool to close the valve. Thanks to Taealha’s antidote, Tanya survived, but she fell asleep for a long time.

Eunseom always took care of Tanya, until her idol woke up from a long sleep. After meeting again, the two immediately let go of their longing. It is possible that the king and high priest will marry.

5. Saya disappeared and was taken by Ikomahis to Irkebaek

Arthdal Chronicles 2

After saving Tanya, the injured Saya is taken away by the Ago Tribe. However, in the middle the Ikomahis carried him unconscious to Irkebaek.

At the end of episode 12, Saya was on the ship. It seems she knows that Tanya is still alive thanks to a dream connected to Eunseom. But Saya actually said that Tanya was dead to her.

It seems like Saya showed hatred in her eyes again when she saw the dream of Eunseom kissing Tanya. What will happen to Saya when arrive in Irkebaek? Could it be that she will attack the Hae Tribe again as Hae Mihol (Cho Seong Ha), Taealha’s father, fears?

6. Years later, Taealha and Saya wanted to take Arthdal

Arthdal Chronicles 2

The first scene in Arthdal Chronicles 2 (2023) episode 1 takes place in the future. Many years passed, the adult Arok (Suho) wrote the history of the Arthdal Kingdom somewhere. The person with him was Taealha. Taealha said that he was writing the history of the Arthdal Kingdom first.

After that, Gitoha (Lee Ho Cheol) entered the tent and said the war preparations were over. So far, Taealha seems to be building her own army with the bachi or craftsmen she brought.

Not only Taealha, Saya also want to take Arthdal. While on the ship heading to Irkebaek, she said ‘Arthdal’ with an inexplicable look of hatred. Could she be enemies with Eunseom again?

If you look at Arthdal Chronicles (2023) episode 12, it seems like the war in Arthdal is not over yet. Are you satisfied with the ending?

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